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EVIDENCE: What's Being Taught & Implemented?

Obscene Materials Used in the School

More Pornography Found in Wicomico County Public Schools: All Boys Aren't Blue

Wicomico County School Board Continues to Sexually Groom Children

Wicomico County Board of Education Continues to Expose Minors to Obscenity

Wicomico County Public Schools Superintendent Supports Vulgar Teaching Materials

Wicomico County Public Schools: Was All Boys Aren't Blue Removed or Not?

Political Bias in the Classroom

Is Wicomico County Board of Education Indoctrinating Our Students?

Wicomico County BOE Violates 1st & 14th Amendment Constitutional Rights Through Forced Assimilation


Political Profiling of Students and Family Members

Wicomico County Public Schools and WCBOE Politically Profile Students Once Again

Survey to Politically and Racially Profile Students Administered by the WCBOE

Maryland Schools Survey Students to Discover Their Feelings


Lawlessness & Uprising

Wicomico County Schools Promote Civil Disobedience Contributing to the Rise in Crime

Wicomico County Board of Education Says: "Tupac Shakur is The Ideal Role Model For All Students"


The Racial Divide

Board Approved Racism in Wicomico County Public Schools Gets Even Worse

Schools That Embrace BLM are Systemically Racist

Equality vs. Equity

Equality and Equity in Our Schools

Special Education

Wicomico County Public Schools Hinders Special Education Students From Succeeding

Failed Academic Performance

Wicomico County Board of Education Has Left Our Children Behind

Wicomico Public Education Report Part I (Statistics to Prove Our Schools Have Declined, Not Improved)​


Obstruction of Parent Involvement & Their First Amendment Rights

Wicomico Parent Files a State Complaint Against the WCBOE for Open Meetings Act Violations

Board Member Rebukes Citizens Despite Being Locked Out of Meeting

WCBOE Information Officer Surveils Parents to Supply Photos and Info to the Media

Citizens Denied Public Comment by the Wicomico County Board of Education at Monthly Meeting

Mask & Vaccine Mandates

How the School System is Vaccinating Children During School Without Parental Consent


Wicomico Parent Appeals Maryland State Board of Education Statewide Mask Mandate

Public Education Compromised: Bribery Amongst School Boards Disguised as Safety Measures

Psychological Manipulation of Students

Wicomico County Public Schools Are Psychologically Evaluating Students Without Parental Consent

Inaccurate Grading Practices

Several Grading Errors Discovered in Wicomico County Public Schools

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