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Wicomico County Sets Proficiency Expectations Lower Based Upon Race

The Wicomico County Board of Education was presented with the district's MCAP scores at their October 10th meeting. However, no board member questioned as to why expectations are set lower for certain races. In the school system's imaginary world of equity where their goal is to have equal outcomes, their expectations are both a contradiction and a fallacy.

Below you will see slides from the district's "Expectations by Student Group," which clearly displays the expectations that they set. Where is the NAACP? All students have the potential to achieve, and their ability has nothing to do with race or the color of their skin. However, that's not what the State of Maryland or the public school system thinks.

It all comes down to money and exploitation. Race is big business, and the creation of disparities and crises creates financial opportunity for the establishment. As long as this is entertained by society, the system will keep people oppressed, because they profit from it. Is this acceptable? Crickets...

Fellows & Editors

October 11, 2023.

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