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Wicomico County Public Schools Offers Another Sexually-Explicit Book to 11-Year Olds

The Wicomico County Board of Education continues to permit the superintendent and his media specialists to provide an unrestricted inventory of sexually-explicit content in our school media centers. School media centers are not public libraries, but defined as classrooms in the WCPS School Library Media Handbook. A book titled "The Almost Moon" is a book available to 11-year-old children that promotes obscene sexual activities, sexual nudity, self-harm involving suicide, violence, murder, anti-religion, hate, drug & alcohol use, and profanity. Below is proof of the book in the media center of Mardela Middle & High School, and can also be found in Wicomico high schools. In this article you can read excerpts from the book along with the page numbers for your reference.


In conclusion, it's up to the parents, citizens, and taxpayers to wake up and express their concerns in writing, by calling, and showing up at school board meetings to make a public comment.

In addition to the above (should not be a substitute), you can also sign our petition. Our future is at stake. Denial, excuses, or remaining silent will not make this go away, and it's only getting worse due to your silence. It is up to you to stand up.

Want to remove your child from public school with an alternative? How To Exit Public School WCBOE Board Members Gene Malone - (443) 783-5530 Allen Brown - (410) 742-9668 Kristin Hazel - (443) 366-4344 Bonnie Ennis - (443) 783-1617 Susan Beauchamp - (443) 235-2569 David Plotts - (443) 880-0502 John Palmer - (410) 896-3670 Fellows & Editors February 1, 2024 - Copyright

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The Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition was formed in response to sexually related books and instructional materials in public schools that are emotionally, mentally, and physically harmful to children, as evidenced by rising rates of depression and other psychological disorders. The content of said materials ranges from explicit to inexplicit sexual activities including but not limited to rape, incest, and hook-up dating. Despite the narrative driven by those that support sexually-explicit material in schools, nobody is out to ban books. The issue is about sexually-explicit content.

We support lawful efforts to expose the obscene books and materials currently available and used in Maryland public schools. Our goal is to alert parents to the sexual content and potential harm to their children; in the process we aim to avoid exposing children to obscene content or to breaking any laws. We support the efforts of other groups advocating for change in the policy and integration of appropriate books for minors. We also support efforts to strengthen the security at all schools. We do not support trespassing or distributing materials with sexual content.

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