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Wicomico County Public Schools Promote BLM and The Nation of Islam

Micah Stauffer, Superintendent of Wicomico County Public Schools is allowing bias in our schools in the name of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. As a result, he is implementing a program of Divisiveness, Inequity, and Exclusivity. Stauffer is fostering a school climate of partiality and hostility that contradicts "Equity." Under his day-to-day operation of the schools, the overcompensation is blatantly obvious in numerous areas. Has the line of peace, civility, and unity been crossed? We examine these pictures from an elementary school that were submitted by a parent.

What does the black fist mean? It depends who you ask, and it's response is tailored depending upon the application of the political activism. The black raised fist, or the clenched fist, is a long-standing image of mixed meaning, often a symbol of black power, black supremacy, liberation, uprising, resistance, political solidarity, communism, socialism, racial justice, militancy, and a symbol for other revolutionary social movements such as BLM and the Black Panther Party. It can also be used as a salute to express unity, strength, or resistance.

Md. Code, Criminal Article § 10-305.1 A person may not place or inscribe an item or a symbol, including an actual or depicted noose or swastika, whether temporary or permanent, on any real or personal property, public or private, without the express permission of the owner, owner's agent, or lawful occupant of the property, with the intent to threaten or intimidate any person or group of persons.

Do black lives matter? Absolutely. Does the organization that calls themselves "BLM" matter? Their toxic and racist message is anything but to be desired by humanity. BLM really stands for the Black Liberation Movement, which is under the Black Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party. These Marxist-militant hate groups seek black supremacy and work to undermine and destroy the Constitution, Christianity, Morality, Ethics, Capitalism, History, the Nuclear Family, Law, and Order in America. This past article has the evidence:

The BLM movement is being used as a mechanism by means of race agitation and segregation. To their followers, nobody had any business defining America to begin with, and America is irredeemably racist. America must be torn down and culture must be redefined by them (the Marxists) and only them. We see this rhetoric all throughout the curriculum at Wicomico County Public Schools. If you have not read this past article, then you are encouraged to do so. Please keep in mind that this article came out under the prior school board: Board Approved Racism in WCPS Gets Even Worse. The issues in the school still exist today, and one of the main reasons why we have so many behavioral issues and unsafe schools.

The display of a black fist on the taxpayer-funded school building is not a First Amendment right or a freedom of expression, but a criminal violation of the law, including the board's Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Policy.

Who has the right? Does the teacher or system have the right to override another's First Amendment right and to indoctrinate? Is an activist teacher who coerces and exploits children to adhere construction paper and images to the walls and doors of the school exempt from indoctrination if it's called art? This is an example of political activism and indoctrination going on throughout our schools.

The school system can teach about world religions in a neutral fashion in History class. However, it becomes bias when an entire wall is devoted to Islam, with no comparison or display of the other religions. Suddenly, where is equity? Nowhere in this classroom or the school will you see a display of Jesus, a Cross, Bible, Scripture, or large wall devoted to Christianity. Such a display was nowhere to be found in the school. Why would this possibly be?

Has the line of peace, civility, and unity been crossed? Contact the board below and let them know how you feel about the direction of our public schools.

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Fellows & Editors

February 28, 2023 Copyright

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