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I Have A Nightmare: Systemic Racial Disparities In Schools and It's By Design

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today marks the birthday of the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who had a dream, but today that dream has veered off down a path of destruction. Many schools across the United States, including the liberal State of Maryland have some major issues in their implementation of woke ideologies such as Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE). Using Wicomico County, Maryland as an example, it is fact that systemic racial discrimination exists (but opposite of what DIE supporters claim).

Disproportionality in Discipline:

The Wicomico County Public School system states that minorities are disciplined disproportionately as compared to Caucasian students. That is absolutely true. Caucasian students are disciplined more than minority students. When it comes to disciplining minority students, teachers are instructed to go soft, back down, not record minority cases, and discipline is not addressed when students are sent to the office. They return minutes later with a bag of chips.

Back in 2017, the WCBOE had a complaint filed against them with the DOJ regarding the school's handling in the discipline of a special education student. A settlement was reached with the DOJ and the agreement ended in 2019. The complaint was not about race. However, the settlement of the disability case was spun and used to advance a racial agenda, since the special education student happened to also be a minority. This case is used by the school system to justify their bias in disciplinary practices.

A double standard in discipline definitely exists in the name of “restorative justice practices.” Over a hundred teachers in the Wicomico school system have testified that they are instructed not to document or minimize minority discipline cases to maintain a quota. Teachers are frustrated as they are just trying to teach their class, and are put in a position of carrying out racial inequality by design. These practices actually create disproportionality, opposite of what is claimed to be. The narrative is that minorities are disciplined more often and harsher than Caucasians due to racial prejudice. This is false. Their data is skewed, and will be tailored to fit the woke narrative for more grant funds for corrective action that will be ineffective in the end. All of these institutions and activist-consultants are cashing in on race.

This is from the Wicomico County Public School System presented at their January 13, 2023 board meeting.

Hire a Diverse Workforce:

Wicomico County Public Schools is giving preference in their hiring practices. In hiring a Diversified Workforce, WCPS has to look at color first, then qualifications secondary. This is a racist hiring practice. We are to hire teachers for their character, qualifications, and gifts to work with our students - not by their color. Human Resources will also be partial by race when it comes to disciplinary action of faculty. This also opens the door for hiring discrimination if a person's color doesn't match the desired quota of Human Resources. Whenever preference or action is motivated by race, the practice is racist.


You see a term called "Anti-Racism" popping up in the media and at school, which on the surface sounds like a positive term that makes sense. However, the term is very deceptive, because the sound of the term is not what it actually means. Many teachers are being encouraged to implement anti-racism activism in the classroom in the name of social justice in their lesson plans. Click to learn about anti-racism in the classroom and how this hypothetical ideology is not what you'd think it would be. Anti-racism theology has had an effect on redefining the terms social justice, equity, and equality to encompass a new and extremely deceptive meaning.

According to anti-racist author Ibram X. Kendi, "You're either a racist or an anti-racist. If you say that you're not a racist, or remain neutral or quiet on the subject, then you're a racist." You must be actively involved in anti-racism activism in accordance to his specifications in order to not be classified "a racist." Kendi's anti-racism theology is based upon Critical Race Theory, and has nothing to do with the scientific method. It is simply a cult. However, many cult followers trendily seek to implement anti-racism theology in our institutions as absolute. Anti-racism actually promotes and implements racism and discrimination against others in attempt to justify its claim - that America is inherently and irredeemably racist, and that people with a light skin color are the oppressor and people of different skin color are the oppressed. This Marxist-racist principle has no end but to establish a lawless class of societal rulers (the oppressor) and the oppressed. That's not America. This past article Board Approved Racism Gets Even Worse goes into more details on this subject as it relates to the school system.

Preferential treatment by color is an insult to mankind. Would a person want to achieve their passion and dreams based on their own merit and responsibility, or have it “granted” by a woke system that thinks a person is incapable of achieving on their own based on the color of their skin? Is this what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned in his dream? These practices are racist, because people are judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character. This is segregation.

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January 16, 2023 Copyright

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