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Multiple Wicomico County Public School Employees Charged With Sex Abuse of Children: Part I

We have seen a growing trend of sex abuse cases in Wicomico County Public Schools with employees pursuing sexual relations with minor children. The school system would have you believe that all of these are isolated incidents and under control, but they are not. They all happened with a few years of each other, and these are just those who were caught.

The question is, how many more employees in the school system have in the past (but were never caught), are currently involved, or will possibly be involved in a sexual situation with a minor student? Although it is impossible to speculate, the environment is ripe and aided by school officials.

The K-12 school system is an environment where sexual grooming occurs frequently, with the use of sexually-explicit materials featured and offered by activist librarians and by some activist English teachers. There are even some activist teachers that find it more important to parade their own sexuality by placing rainbow flags on taxpayer walls, while advancing their sexual social justice victimhood entitlement upon vulnerable and confused children.

The school provides "Safe Spaces," creating grounds for secretive grooming sessions. Each school has a publicly undisclosed internal directory of "Trusted Adults" to meet with children. Not to be confused with mentors, various activist teachers sign up to be trusted adults in each school and are counseling children outside of their scope of education for which they were originally hired. Our school administration then provides them access to our children.

Children meet with these "trusted" adult(s) behind closed doors, who advise them on topics like gender-identity and sexuality without parental knowledge. Some of these vulnerable children are manipulated, exploited, and sometimes referred to outside activist organizations or agencies for further grooming or separation from their parents.

Wicomico High School Parkside High School

The superintendent of WCPS finds meeting with strangers acceptable, because times do change. This is an environment permitted by the Wicomico County Board of Education though policy, denial, interference, and other obstructive measures that are fostered by the superintendent and his administration.

Not all teachers are onboard with this sexualized school environment, and they refuse to pander to any of it. Thank God that there are still genuine teachers that are guardian angels to our children. These are the teachers that are internally shunned and discriminated against.

Staff that pander to the agenda are the very ones that get promoted up the chain to administration. The hotbed becomes even worse.

WCPS also has a sexual enrichment program that recruits children for sex-based afterschool programs and they promote it. Whenever you see the word "Enrichment," funds are tied to it.

Adults that have discussions of sex or provide obscene materials to minor children is grooming. Adults promoting and talking to children about gender-identity, sexual orientation, and sexual acts, including oral, vaginal, anal, sex toys, orgies, bestiality (sex with animals), among other perversions is child abuse. They are using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a trojan horse to deceptively advance their sexual agenda upon children. They are using educational immunity as a shield to get away with it.


Among those charged and convicted for sexual abuse of students was a guidance counselor (surprise). Children are being sexually exploited and trafficked by adults in Wicomico County Public Schools, and that's an absolute fact. We have reported on it and proved it time and time again. Take a look at these past employees, and hopefully it will register this time.

Don't believe that your child is being sexualized at school?

Public schools are far from safe. We highly recommend removing your child from the public school system as your government is failing to protect your child. In fact, they're in on it. Here's how to exit the public school and find an alternative. We address the "how" and financial feasibility in the video. It comes down to this: How much do you value your child?

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March 3, 2024 

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