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Public Education Compromised: Bribery Amongst School Boards Disguised as Safety Measures

Dear School Boards:

The best thing for humanity right now is for everyone to wake up and start thinking for themselves. I can assure you it’s quite liberating and for this reason, I personally will never give up my humanity to obey a corrupt authority. Please consider this truth, you are failing our children by following a corrupt agenda. Our children lost an entire year of their lives due to a politically motivated agenda and they have sacrificed enough.

Parents are asking the school boards to consider what’s best for the children and not your budget. When the pandemic began data showed is was doubtful that the SARS-CoV-2 virus for children would lead to anything more than a runny nose, and for healthy people, it would be similar the cold or the terrible flu. The data a year and a half later proves this to be true. There have always been safe and effective treatments available that could have saved so many lives, but doctors were prohibited from using their experience and offering therapeutic medicine that could have potentially saved lives. Early on, 12,000 doctors signed the Barrington Declaration declaring that what the CDC and WHO was dangerous to the community, but those doctors met with death threats, loss of licenses and other horrendous punishments for doing what all doctors and scientists should do; apply rigorous skepticism to test ideologies and theories.

Nevertheless, children were forced to quarantine under the notion that asymptomatic people would pose a threat to sick people. Ironically enough, today, it is the vaccine making people asymptomatic spreaders of the virus. Life always has a funny way of proving a point.

This is the DATA from the APA for kids:

Among states reporting, children made up between 10.9% - 21.2% of total cumulated state tests, and between 4.9% - 17.7% of children were tested positive.

  1. Hospitalizations (24 states and NYC reported).


  3. Among states reporting, children were 0.00% - 0.27% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 7 states reported zero child death.

  4. In states reporting, 0.00% - 0.03 of all child Covid-19 cases resulted in death.

  5. Data has since been updated to show that: 6,503,629 total child COVID-19 cases were reported, and children represented 16.7% (6,503,629 / 38,944,914) of all cases.

  6. Among all states reporting, children ranged from 1.7% - 4.2% of their total cumulated hospitalizations, and 0.1% - 2% of their child COVID-19 cases resulted in hospitalization.

  7. ;

According to CDC data on influenza for 2015 to 2016, 436 children ages 0 to 4 died from the flu. 214 children ages 5 to 17 died from the flu. Making total flu deaths in children in one year, 650 total deaths.

The data also shows what we initially knew; COVID-19 primarily affects people in poor health who have:

1. Heart Disease

2. Type II Diabetes

3. Autoimmune Issues

4. Gut Microbiome Deficiencies

These are LIFESTYLE induced diseases making it overwhelmingly apparent that inhalation of a virus DOES NOT CAUSE DISEASE. Instead, the cause of Covid-19 has more to do with an inflamed system rather than someone else’s breath. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S POOR LIFESTYLE CHOICES. While it is understandable that people who feel vulnerable would need empathy. It is also incomprehensible for an adult who has enjoyed their gluttonous lifestyle to insist a child sacrifice their well-being for them. Any teacher or administrator who doesn’t feel comfortable being around children should retire. They were always at risk of catching a whole encyclopedia of airborne viruses and bacteria from kids.

When it comes to Covid-19 - testing POSITIVE for the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not mean you have the disease called Covid-19. And, the great news is we are not dealing with a virus like Herpes or HIV that stays active in the nervous system and can be triggered at anytime. SARS-CoV-2 is just like the cold and the flu in that it goes away (for most people 99.997% for kids).

Even with the vaccine, people are still testing positive for the virus. So, mandating a VACCINE that only reduces symptoms to children who don’t tend to have symptoms of COVID-19 makes absolutely no sense. Now, if there were a vaccine that blocked transmission, that would be an entirety different story and make much more sense. That is nonexistent; therefore why all the fuss to have everyone vaccinated? This is one of those moments where you have to stop and ask yourself, does this even make any sense?

I understand that the alphabet agencies are recommending kids get vaccinated and many parents are rushing out to do so. However, you must understand how these corporations operate and their mindset. Aligning with the majority of group think, historically doesn’t equate to morality or right think. Know your history.

  1. AAP has consistently advocated for the expansion of government-controlled health care in the United States.

  2. Pharmaceutical companies primarily fund the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  3. The American Academy of Pediatrics receives billions of dollars in funding from many pharmaceutical companies, including but not limited to Pfizer, Merk, Sanofi (vaccine group), Prolacta (fake mother’s milk), and Johnson and Johnson.

  4. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the AAP recommended restriction policies, including mask mandates without time limitation.

  5. The AAP has also pushed for the mass vaccination of children, even after acknowledging the emergence of HEART INFLAMMATION in young people who received the Covid-19 experimental vaccine.

  6. In spring of 2021, AAP began aggressively advocating for children 12 and over to receive the experimental vaccine. The group also encouraged pediatricians to administer the experimental vaccine simultaneously as other routine vaccinations, claiming that the experimental vaccine was necessary for children to “regain their lives” despite the fact that COVID-19 poses a comparatively small risk to children. [61]

  7. In June 2021, AAP continued its campaign to vaccinate children even after a troubling link between heart inflammation and the emerged Covid-19 experimental vaccine among young people. The AAP argued that the benefits outweighed the risk of complications from Covid-19, even though it’s own data clearly shows that children rarely suffer severe Covid-19 when infected. [62]

This is another moment where you should ask yourself, why would AAP push so hard to vaccinate our children for a virus that is primarily asymptomatic for them?

Stanley A. Plotkin and Ofer Levy laid out the thought process for forcing kids to get The Pfizer COVID-19 experimental vaccine. They said, “society will never accept mandatory vaccinations in adults” however, “children are required to get vaccines for school.”

  1. Plotkin and Ofer Levy published a paper in the American Academy of Pediatrics in June, and they wrote. “A reservoir of virus in children will likely lead to repeated exposure of unprotected adults.” Unprotected means “unvaccinated.” Plotkin, a consultant for multiple pharmaceutical companies, writes, “mandating vaccination of adults….is likely to be unacceptable in our society…. Although most Americans have accepted mandatory pediatric vaccination.”

  2. Both Levy and Plotkin have several CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, like working to develop the experimental vaccine. Of course the developer or patent holder of the vaccine want you to take their product.

  3. As for the AAP, Dr. Plotkin has co silted for Moderna, Janssen, Sanofi, Merck, Codagenix, and Valneva. Dr. Levy is an inventor on pending vaccine adjuvant patent applications and served as a consultant for GSK in 2019.


  1. The US government has a $10 billion contract with Pfizer to purchase 500 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 experimental vaccine contains a clause indicating that the $20 per dose price may be a floor and not a ceiling forward.


  3. It is also true that the vaccine seems to lose efficacy, and therefore, Pfizer will profit from ongoing booster shots.

  4. Title of Proposal: COVID-19 Pandemic - Large Scale Vaccine Manufacturing Demonstration Requiring Activity: Joint mission between the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense to combat COVID-19.

  5. In secret vaccine contracts with governments, Pfizer took hardline in the push for profit, report says. The United States government purchased 3.5 billion doses of vaccines from Pfizer.

  6. In late March 2020, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced “We are at war with a virus that threatens to tear us apart.”

  7. When President Biden took office, a “full-scale wartime effort” to tackle COVID-19 and overcome the greatest public health emergency that America has faced in a century.

  8. On September 9, 2021 President Biden said from the briefing room, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

  9. Our children are unvaccinated and so is it reasonable and not a conspiracy theory, but rather a FACT that our government declared war on Covid and our children at the time of declaration are unvaccinated.

  10. On September 24, 2021, Biden said unvaccinated people are hindering economic growth, costing jobs and putting unnecessary strain on the healthcare system. UNVACCINATED PEOPLE WERE NEVER A THREAT TO THE ECONOMY DURING THE PANDEMIC. The danger was people with obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle induced diseases that made them vulnerable to all colds and flu viruses, including SARA-CoV-2. THIS IS STILL TRUE, HOWEVER, THE MEDIA IS FOCUSED ON SELLING EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES.

  11. IN APRIL 2020, The U.S. government committed more than $6 trillion to arrest the economic downturn from the pandemic.

  12. As of October 1, 2020, roughly $2.59 trillion in new budgetary resources were made available for federal agencies to respond to the Pandemic.

  13. Agencies can use this funding for contracts, grants, loans, and other assistance, as well as direct payments like the Economic Impact Payments (EIP) appropriated in Phase 3.

As you know, the AAP, declared that there is a national emergency in children’s mental health, citing the severe toll of COVID-19 on top of existing challenges. Covid did not cause the mental health crisis. Policies that isolated children and stripped them of human connection caused the MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS. The virus floats in the air, the people making bad decisions are causing the crisis. We need to start thinking outside the box and get these kids unmasked and seeing faces at school.

The AAP, The CDC and the NIH all knew pre-pandemic that there was a strong correlation between mental health and immune health. This is because you can’t separate the head from the heart or any other system in the body. Excessive stress causes disease.

The CDC knew prior to the pandemic that the mental health of kids was rapidly declining because the CDC did a ten year study about it. They concluded the rapid decline was primarily due to increasing use of social media and feelings of isolation and loneliness, yet that didn’t stop them or any adult from sticking the kids in front of a screen for seven hours a day.

I understand the boards voted and received rather large funds to vaccinate and test our children on campus. I also understand that according to the ELC Reopening Strategies for schools, the promotion of vaccinations is part of testing and contract tracing activities. With over 48 million kids in schools across the country at $20 a shot, that totals 960 million dollars in revenue for you to require that kids get shots every year to go to school…. It seems like a tremendous economic recovery plan to me. I wouldn’t mind it being voluntary, but to force it on us is criminal. It’s called racketeering and it wouldn’t be the first time Pfizer was involved in illegal activities. After all they did pay out $2.3 billion for fraudulent marketing in 2009.

I want you all to know that you do have a choice and you DO NOT HAVE TO ENFORCE MASKS, VACCINES OR TESTING. It is up to you to make decisions at the local level. Mandates are not laws, rather strong suggestions. You don’t legally have to do it. In fact, you will be lawfully accountable for enforcing a policy that is not in the best interest of our children’s emotional and physical health. It is not healthy to coerce, cajole or force anyone to do something that they know is not good for them.

Our mission, or call it a CRUSADE rather, is to keep our kids safe. Please be advised we are going door to door with every financial contract that has been signed to make our community members aware of what was agreed to in order to reopen schools and receive funding. There is no need to mask, test and vaccinate our children with an experimental gene therapy with no long term evidence it is safe for a disease that children have no reason to be concerned with.

I am urging the school boards to re-evaluate everything from A to Z in regards to keeping up with this house of cards charade.

Fellow Member

November 30, 2021 Copyright

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