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There are two types of subscriptions. FREE and PREMIUM.

What's the difference? 

FREE receive our basic articles for local educational awareness.

PREMIUM is just $25 per year, and you'll have access to the following:


  • Our premium content and articles.

  • Our informative meetings, events, and workshops throughout the year.

  • Notification of major changes happening in our schools.

  • Updates on state legislation.

  • Solutions to improve education, transparency, and accountability.

  • Network with parents and teachers 

  • Help support the advocacy efforts of the DPTC

How else can I help? 

CONTRIBUTE to help support the DPTC continue its investigative research and reporting so that the community can be informed as to what really goes on in our schools. We are about improving education for all, which requires an incredible amount of time and resources to advocate for educational solutions, school system transparency, accountability, and public awareness.

All contributions are non-tax deductible. THANK YOU for your support!

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