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Wicomico Parent Appeals Maryland State Board of Education Statewide Mask Mandate

A Wicomico County resident who is also a parent filed an appeal to the Maryland State Board of Education (MSBOE) on Friday, August 27, 2021 in response to their vote on a statewide school mask mandate taken the day prior. The editorial staff received a copy of the appeal and reached out for comment.

In asking the parent of his position, Darren Lombardo stated: "This appeal is not an issue of debate on masking. Although I believe that parents should have a choice to mask their children or not, my opinion is not the foundational argument of the appeal. The argument is based upon an overreaching state, that left unchecked can evolve into a rogue government."

When asking Lombardo about the laws and actions of the MSBOE, he expressed a great concern that Maryland laws are applied to citizens, but public perception is based on experience - lawmakers, state agencies and bureaucracies exempt themselves from the law.

"There shouldn't be any double-standards if we are to maintain equality, civil respect, and responsibility in the way that we treat our fellow citizens - in law, in service, and in duty. It's about We the People. Since the beginning of COVID-19, political establishments have learned to exploit it for an ultimate power grab leveraged by fear. We know how to protect ourselves," said Lombardo.

Here's the appeal to the Maryland State Board of Education:

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August 27, 2021.

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