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How the School System is Vaccinating Children During School Without Parental Consent

October 3, 2021

In this past article, the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition confirmed that there were some cases of students that were coerced into receiving a vaccination. An adult talked to the students to let them know what could happen if they are not vaccinated. Instilling fear into students, some willingly took the jab under duress without a parent present or their consent. In these cases, the students were all under 18. Because of the nature of this, we are unable to relay specific details at this time. The school will tell you that this is not happening, but it is. We are warning you in advance to keep a watchful eye.

Did you know that Maryland now has a Senate Vaccine Oversight Workgroup? This group is tasked to bring forth Maryland vaccine mandates. We said this would be coming after the state imposed an illegal emergency school mask mandate. This video clip was recently obtained from this senate workgroup that reveals a plan on how schools can identify the unvaccinated and go around to their classrooms to round them up. They call students out by means of coercion to lead them to the jab. They do this among the student's peers to create an environment of peer pressure to bully the child into compliance. This has been happening in several counties across Maryland and aligns to what we had previously discovered. Wicomico County was one of the first counties we caught doing this.

How can they do this? They are using what is called Implied Consent, which is when surrounding circumstances exist that would lead a reasonable person to believe that this consent had been given, although no direct, express, or explicit words of agreement had been uttered. In other words, the state or the school system is making a health decision for your child, because they believe that the child and/or the parents are not of a sound mind or acting within reason. Therefore, big government makes the call of what's best. This is how a Communist government acts. You can watch the entire meeting of the Senate Vaccine Oversite Workgroup here.

Did you know that the immunization certificate for your children to attend school has been updated to include Covid-19 vaccines? A handful of counties have already mandated it for student athletes 12 and older. Approval for kids 5-11 is forthcoming, we are aware that some legislators are poised to mandate it statewide in the new year.

Please talk to your child and let them know what's going on to make sure that they communicate everything with you at all times. It is recommend that your child stay home on school "jab days" to avoid any issue if you do not desire for them to be vaccinated. If your child has been vaccinated without your consent or hear of other students that this has happened to, please contact the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition to report your case. All information will be kept confidential.

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