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Equality and Equity in Our Schools

According to, "Equality treats everyone the same without paying attention to the natural differences between people in different races, sexes, social classes, and more. Equity is the idea of “leveling the playing field” so that fairness happens along the path to success."

There is one big problem in the school system. The problem with their Equity and Equality model is that equity is achieved by depriving or taking from those who achieve in order to give to those who don't achieve. Equality is then achieved through Equity. The fact is, Equity and Equality cannot be successfully achieved at the expense of others.

Know the difference:

Equality = Everyone has the same opportunity.

Equity = Everyone must have the same outcome.

Although the school's system of equality and equity may sound to be fair and make sense on the surface, their twisted definition and foundational principle of it is extremely toxic to all students. It creates an illusion of establishing a "fair" playing field.  There is no playing field to level if the school system recognizes that each and every child is unique, important, valued, and loved, while having specific, individual needs. Under their system, everyone must have the same outcome, which is impossible to achieve. The "genius" educators of our state developed "Maryland College-Ready Standards," assuming that everyone must go to college. The fact that less than 30% of people actually attend and graduate college - they are ignoring the other 70% of vocational-tech, skilled labor, and other jobs that are the backbone to America. Everyone cannot go to college even if it was free. What would we do without the services of the 70%? It would cripple society and destroy the economy. Where are the "Maryland Vocational-Ready Standards?" It is clear that citizens aren't given a choice, and our State officials are controlling and dictating what they think we should do with our lives. Doesn't sound so equal or equitable, does it?

The school's system of equity and equality does opposite of what it claims to do. To invest in the needs of each child, it requires more work for the school system (so therefore avoided). The school systems certainly receives enough funding to support what they should be doing in the first place. The teacher's unions also have a hand in this, which is to make less work for their union members.

"If you lower the bar, you can accomplish anything" -Political Genius

A universal "one size fits all" approach is their goal to be achieved by lowering the bar so that nobody is great or runs past another. In their world, there are no winners and everyone receives a prize. This is accomplished by lowering the standard of learning, which includes reducing the Lexile reading level (example: using a 5th grade reading level in 9th grade), making simpler standards, and changing the scale of testing in order to manipulate and skew the data. This creates an illusion that makes every student appear to perform at a desirable level, while boosting the local, county, and state school system's overall reporting performance. Most parents won't bother to question the school system if their child receives all A's and B's. This political exploitation is all done at the expense of our children.

By definition of Equality in the first paragraph, the system states that it is to treat everyone the same without paying attention to the natural differences between people in different races, sexes, social classes, and more in order to accommodate them. However, the system does opposite of what it claims, by specifically paying attention to the natural differences between people in different races, sexes, social classes, and more in order to accommodate them. The true definition of Equality is to not have partiality or preference over one or the other. This true definition is not understood in the public school systems or colleges today. As a result, the model and implementation of equity and equality in the school system contradicts itself, as it ironically creates discrimination and specifically targets race.

The Solution: The school system should focus on the individual needs of each and every student and make sure that everyone has the same opportunities and resources to reach their full potential.  Anything short of this creates inequity and inequality, and places students at a disadvantage both now and in the future.

By Senior Fellows & Editors

July 10, 2020 Copyright 2020

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