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Wicomico School Officials Admit Children Have Access to Books Beyond Parental Control

As we have reported in the past, the new Media Resource Selection and Review Policy

does nothing to protect children, but only opens the door to the purchase and protection of peddling obscene materials to children. The policy has an erroneous measure that states a parent or guardian can flag a book so that their child cannot checkout from the media center. What we have been saying all along is that this illusionary provision makes it appear as though a parent has control over what their child can access in school, but really doesn't. A child has full access to any book whether a parent likes it or not. The policy and its procedure have no stop-measures in place to prevent or stop a child from accessing and reading an obscene book right there in the school media center without checking it out.

At the March 19, 2024 Legislative County Council meeting, WCPS goes before the council and Councilman Joe Holloway asked a question. As a result, Wicomico Public School officials, including the board Chair Gene Malone and Superintendent Micah Stauffer casually admit that a child has access to books beyond parental control. Watch the one-minute video below:

There you have it. A child has full access, sees the material, and it's too late. The depictions and descriptions cannot be unseen or unlearned. A child isn't going to check out a book a second time, as the negligent superintendent referred to their erroneous measure as a solution.

These are just some of the books available to children as young as 11-years old, including sex acts, sex toys, bestiality (human sex with animals), glorified drug use, and orgies.

Can any child under 18 unsee this?

There are many more books that they use to sexualize children. To this day, the elected board refuses to define the word "Appropriate" which you will find listed in many board policies. At this point, it's clear this is what's appropriate to them. They also refuse to address how obscene materials got there in the first place, and why it continues to be acquired. They are craftily violating your rights, while using an invalid argument that you don't have the right over what other children read at school (but they do). This has now become a hostage situation until children graduate and depart the system.

You can contact the board members below and let them know what you think of their willfully-negligent policy to expose minors to obscenity and to exclude resident-taxpayers from having involvement or a say in their local government.

To contact them individually by phone:

WCBOE Board Members 

Gene Malone, Chair (District 2) - (443) 783-5530  

Allen Brown, Vice Chair (District 1) - (410) 742-9668  

Kristin Hazel (At Large) - (443) 366-4344

Bonnie Ennis (At Large)- (443) 783-1617  

Susan Beauchamp (District 3) - (443) 235-2569  

David Plotts (District 4) - (443) 880-0502

John Palmer (District 5) - (410) 896-3670

Fellows & Editors

March 24, 2024 

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