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Wicomico County Public Schools Promotes Sex Changes to K-2 Students

The latest finding of indoctrinating grooming materials in Wicomico County Public Schools is a book called "Bodies Are Cool," which promotes sex changes and body mutilation as a norm. Pictured in the book, you will find women pretending to be men with double mastectomies and men pretending to be women dancing among little girls. This book is featured in K-2 media centers, which are not public libraries but classrooms. The book can be found in Beaver Run Elementary, West Salisbury Elementary, and Westside Primary School media centers. These are all K-2 schools, and the book is not available at any other schools past 2nd grade. This is systematic sexual gender-identity indoctrination designed to target, manipulate, and desensitize young impressionable minds at their first stage of "education."

You can see the contents of the book in the video below.

You can see proof of the book in these WCPS K-2 media centers:

The WCBOE has voted to approve a policy and procedure to fully open the door to such materials, even to go as far to even put protections in place to see that they remain.

This policy includes a strenuous process to request the removal once the books are negligently placed in the school. This obstructive process is a failure by design, because it only addresses the check out of books (if a parent is even aware). The problem is, children aren't checking these books out. They're reading them in the media center and in their classroom without their parent's knowledge.

The board-approved "process" makes it into an issue of removal when the real issue is about origin. How and why were such books ordered and placed in school media centers to begin with, and who determined their appropriateness? The current board has failed to address this root cause. They have abandoned their role and surrendered their authority, giving full rein to the superintendent and school media specialists.

The school system has gone so far as to promote books suggesting drug use and having sex with animals as shown in this past article. This was brought to the attention of the board and they refuse to do anything about it. What's wrong with our elected officials?

You can contact our elected officials below and let them know what you think of their agenda of sexual gender-identity indoctrination and body mutilation of our children. You can also tell them in person on January 16, 2024 at 7:00PM (101 Long Ave) where you can sign up before the meeting if you would like to make a public comment.

WCBOE Board Members

Gene Malone, Chair (District 2) - (443) 783-5530 

Allen Brown, Vice Chair (District 1) - (410) 742-9668 

Kristin Hazel (At Large) - (443) 366-4344  

Bonnie Ennis (At Large)- (443) 783-1617 

Susan Beauchamp (District 3) - (443) 235-2569  

David Plotts (District 4) - (443) 880-0502

John Palmer (District 5) - (410) 896-3670 

If you are a parent, taxpayer, or citizen of Wicomico, please sign this petition if you have not already signed it in the past.

Fellows & Editors

December 30, 2023 

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1. "Bodies are Cool" - Tyler Feder

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