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Wicomico County Schools Promote Civil Disobedience Contributing to the Rise in Crime - Salisbury, MD

July 16, 2021

Crime is drastically rising in Salisbury, Maryland and year 2021 isn't even over. Homicide is up 233.3%, Rape Up 153.7%, Robbery & Theft up 61%, and Arson is up 37%. Why is this? Since this country was plagued with COVID-19, left-wing extremists used this time to go in for the kill. Isolated incidents such as George Floyd have been exploited and spun by organized race agitators such as the BLM (Black Liberation Movement) to stereotype and to be prejudiced towards others. They're not about the slogan they hide behind, and not about helping black people. Such groups are about blaming white people, demonizing the police, and being lawless without any accountability or consequence for an ultimate power grab. However, it's important to emphasize that lawlessness is irrelevant to color, as it is sown into the heart.

Lawlessness comes from ignorance, and the lack of a proper education in the subjects of Civics, American History, Morality, and Ethics. Critical Race Theory (CRT) or it's masked term Social Emotional Learning (SEL) does not solve this issue, and is not about race, equity, or equality - it's about a Communist Radical Takeover of America, which the word "Race" is thrown into the middle of the term "Critical Theory" in order to stir up hate and bias.

Although there are many contributing factors, the institutionalized wokeness that feeds the lie of Critical Race Theory is designed to undermine society on the foundation of Marxist Critical Theory, which originated from the Frankford School in Germany in the 1930's by political philosophers using the ideas of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. Race is being used as a mechanism to obtain absolute power over society within its framework. Although we're not going to get into all of the details of Critical Race Theory, this is an excellent Video on CRT to learn all about it. CRT is implemented in our schools, so you should know about it.

The chart below shows how crime has increased in Salisbury, ever since the City of Salisbury launched their Criminal Justice Reform Task Force. With the publicly portrayed intention of lowering crime through its establishment, it appears that the existence of this Task Force has resulted in a team that weakens law enforcement rather than strengthen it. Accountability is absolutely necessary, and officers need to always conduct themselves within the scope of the law. There's always room for improvement in order to minimize a disastrous end result. However, it's important to realize that officers are imperfect humans working under the pressure of extreme conditions and placed in unpredictable situations, which sometimes no amount of training could ever prepare for. On both a national and local level, we have seen efforts to defund the police. One thing the Criminal Justice Task Force should not be is a racially-charged group that works to undermine society, cripple law enforcement, distract, and interfere so that criminals can execute their lawless deeds. We have not seen any social movements to encourage complying with law enforcement, but instead resisting it. This is unfortunate, and leads to devastation.

How does this all relate to Education?

Not to make this an issue of politics, but it's about politics. Maryland is a liberal state, having a majority of legislators that write liberal policies that don't work. No matter their motivation or influence, whether Political Action Committees (PAC), National Education Association (NEA), lobbyists, activist organizations, Democrat Party, and personal political views, all of these factors influence the decisions a legislator makes. We're not going to get into the specifics, but it all trickles down through the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to apply a politically-indoctrinating framework down to the counties. Using political propaganda in the curriculum, counties follow the Maryland College-Ready Standards that contain politically-subversive material derived from woke-liberal politics. To make matters worse, there are a number of left-wing extremist teachers and school administrators in Wicomico County Public Schools that support Antifa, Marxism, Communism, BLM (Black Liberation Movement), Socialism, and some are Anti-Police, Anti-Capitalist, Atheist, Anti-American, and they're bringing their woke activism into the classroom to convince students of their views. Juveniles make up a large population of the lawless class of American Criminals, and our schools are failing to make them responsible and law abiding citizens.

A promoter of blame, oppression, victimhood, and lawlessness

In this past article, we exposed how the WCBOE violates the rights of students under the First and Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution through Forced Assimilation. We also covered in a past article how divisive racist rhetoric is promoted by the WCBOE in this article. We also exposed how a criminal thug was repeatedly promoted as a role model in both 9th and 10 grade ELA classes in this article. In attempt to "normalize society" by their redefined definition of normal, the WCBOE and its Administration believes that you must embrace all through identity politics, sexuality, lawlessness, Atheism, and accepting all forms of deviant and destructive behavior - anything goes. Students are also taught that they are either an oppressor or a victim, based on their skin color. Unfortunately, this works to divide and undermine society, and puts our citizens and law enforcement officers at risk. Below is a listing of teaching materials that were added to Wicomico County Public Schools....not for students to learn diverse ideas, but to be indoctrinated by them. The following materials are in opposition of the WCBOE Selection and Review of Materials Policy INS-SCH-PL-008.

"WCBOE encourages the use of textbooks and materials which enlighten, inspire, encourage, instill hope and foster good decision-making, as in comparison to those which discourage, convey a sense of futility or affirm negative or destructive character traits. These materials should also support the mission, vision, educational philosophy, beliefs and values endorsed by the Wicomico County Board of Education." INS-SCH-PL-008

Years ago, we had reverence and respect for both officer and the law, regardless if we were doing something wrong or not. Today, we see a societal shift in attitudes and conduct.

The officers that swore to protect us are under attack. We lost Corporal Keith Heacook of the Delmar Police Department and recently faced an attempted murder of a Wicomico Deputy. Our officers are placed in harm's way, and many officers are quitting or retiring in order to flee the danger that society has placed them in. The lawless are luring, taunting, resisting, rebelling, and attacking law and order, just waiting to ensnare an officer. The prowl to switch the narrative in order to convert an officer from hero to criminal is at large. Those that do this seek to financially profit from it all, in the limelight of social network fame and the news media. Such foundational anarchy is being taught in our schools with Social Justice teachings (from their woke perspective) and our schools have far crossed the line.

WCBOE and its administration are laying the educational foundation of lawlessness and producing a hostile environment for students, teachers, citizens, and law enforcement. No wonder we have a difficult time recruiting and retaining teachers. Our children are being taught not to obey, and to resist law and order. Society absolutely cannot have this. It's incredibly disturbing that we even have to write this article, but it is the absolute truth. It's is up to us to tell you what's going on in our schools, as you probably won't hear it elsewhere. The Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition "Backs the Blue," the Teachers, the Students, the Citizens, and will always stand for Liberty and Justice for All.

This is Marxism. Critical Theory, their definition of Social Justice, and their promotion of Civil Disobedience has nothing to do with Democracy or American Citizenship. Government & You is the foundation of what should be taught in the Public School Curriculum for Civics in reference to American Democracy.

The WCBOE needs to fix this situation, and fix it fast. The solution is simple, but it requires swift action. We need to remove this rhetoric from the curriculum and remind teachers to cover the basics of Math, Science, English and unchanged History while actually teaching (not indoctrinating). We need parents to be placed on the Curriculum Council and not all packed with faculty. We encourage you to contact the WCBOE board members to let them know how you feel about their promotion of civil disobedience and their use of anti-police rhetoric in our schools.

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July 16, 2021. Copyright

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