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Schools That Embrace BLM Are Systemically Racist

School systems that buy into the BLM movement and embrace wokeness are creating systemic racism. The people who are declaring that there's systemic racism in our schools are the very ones creating it. Either school systems are gullibly-ignorant, afraid, or they think that they will be in good graces and left alone if they embrace the demands of the militant-activist group by submitting to their trend. What weakness, or shall we say wokeness! Those that believe they are partaking in a worthy cause of the BLM movement will be steamrolled and annihilated by their deceivers while crying out: "But I thought I was your friend!" This includes the LGBTQ community who thinks they have a mutual ally and a chance to integrate sexuality as a race. Those that believe this are being used and will be left hung out to dry.

Do black lives matter? Absolutely. Does the organization that calls themselves "BLM" matter? Their toxic and racist message is anything but to be desired by humanity. BLM really stands for the Black Liberation Movement, which is under the Black Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party. These Marxist-militant hate groups seek black supremacy and work to undermine and destroy the Constitution, Christianity, Capitalism, History, the Nuclear Family, Law, and Order in America. They are using the BLM movement as a mechanism by means of race agitation and segregation. To them, nobody had any business defining America to begin with, and America is irredeemably racist. America must be torn down and redefined by them (the Marxists) and only them.

Do not be deceived by the many layers hidden behind the slogan, which any human of a sound mind cannot deny the actual words. However, "Black Lives Matter" has an entirely different meaning, and it's not about black lives. Don't forget that our cities were burned and are currently being undermined by the same BLM who are in negotiations and in regular meetings with the Maryland State Department of Education for continued educational integration of Black Lives Matter in education (also known as CRT, SEL, DEI, Social Justice, etc.). The National Education Association (NEA) and the Maryland Educational Association (MEA) unions are also on board with promoting the woke integration to further weaken and to have more of a grip on our educational system. Schools systems from all over the state of Maryland are receiving grants to push this racist ideology.

On the Maryland Education Association page, an article was written stating grants were awarded and provided to support Black Lives Matter at School which included representation, books, support and action. In their own words, “This grant is to help address Systemic Racism or support lessons or events that promote racial justice work.” Snow Hill High School’s own, Tim Gebhardt, was highlighted in this article who is leading the Youth Participatory Action Research Project which will empower Black and Brown youth to tell their stories of being discriminated against in their own schools and communities. Mr. Gebhardt is quoted saying: “These honest stories, directly from our students, will help teachers, administrators, members of the BOARD OF EDUCATION, and the community begin the necessary RESTORATIVE, JUSTICE SEEKING conversations we need.”

A BLM mural displayed at Pocomoke High that depicts racial hierarchy in Maryland.

Is racism real? It sure is. Any man or woman can be racist in their thoughts and actions, and it comes down to a person's heart. Racism is being made into a big problem, and many are capitalizing from it while laughing all the way to the bank. Our school systems are paying activist-consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement CRT programs and they have been for years. The BLM movement and CRT in education denies that people of color are capable of being racist and exempts them. Their twisted ideology tries to establish that racism is a one-way road, which is a huge lie. Disappointingly, BLM demonstrates racism, discrimination, division, and hatred, which seeks no unity or harmony in the end. When BLM first came into existence, their message could have had a positive and meaningful message, but they blew it. The racist and destructive intent of their hearts is revealed and only continues.

The BLM movement is not about black lives, but propagating racism, hatred, practicing lawlessness and establishing black supremacy. Here are some links directly from the BLM homepage, which demonstrates racial bias and ignorance:

"America can't escape the framework of skin color because instead of spreading cheer and joy this holiday season, Black Lives Matter is asking its followers to participate in segregation. They called their mission "Black Xmas." And its goal is pretty simple, fight "white supremacist capitalism." Now you're probably wondering what is white supremacist capitalism? And that also is simple: it's any business owned by a White person. So if you want to celebrate "Black Xmas" this year, all you have to do is stay away from those white supremacist stores and spend money exclusively at black-owned businesses. BLM will call you a racist for shopping at businesses not owned by black people, they have no problem accepting millions of dollars in donations from what they consider white supremacists." [1]

The real definition of Social Justice is: The fair treatment of all people in a society. However, Social Justice has been completely redefined to mean something entirely different and integrated into school curriculum known as Critical Race Theory (CRT). Social Justice as defined by these Marxist-activist groups are demanding/receiving what one wants without having any standards, boundaries, morality, laws, respect for others, consequences, or God. Equality is eliminated and replaced with Equity, which is an unfair system of taking from others without working for it. They believe in wealth redistribution and the seizing of personal property. In addition, there are double standards - one set of rules for one skin color, another set of rules for another. This transformative definition results in just the opposite - Social Injustice.

We the People includes every color, creed, and legal citizen that ever came to this country. America is inclusive and diverse, and offers the the greatest opportunity for ALL in comparison to any other country in the world. That's what makes America so great. Seeking to destroy the land of opportunity and the American dream, Marxist-Socialism/Communism cannot stand on it's own. It must be funded by Capitalism, which it seeks to destroy. If Capitalism is destroyed, the only thing left is oppressive slave labor and control at the expense of the people. It's scary that those who oversee our school systems cannot figure out such simplicity, buy into all of this, and yet they are responsible for teaching our children.

"We need to have these tough conversations," say the BLM activists. If a white person is willing to have what an activist would consider a "tough conversation," the person is quick to be labeled a racist white supremacist and must be cancelled in order to shutdown any debate, criticism, alternate point of view, or different approach in addressing an issue. Automatically invalidated by his/her skin color, the Marxist narrative has already been defined and must be kept on life support.

One who buys into the BLM ideology might ask: Who gets to decide what America is?," The answer is: We the People. The U.S. Constitution justly defines the rights of all men and women, and 120 plus added protections under the Maryland Constitution for those who reside in the state - there's no need to reinvent the wheel. There are some modern state laws that are unjust, because they have been written by left-wing legislators that have ignored our Constitution. If we protect the Constitution, there is no law that can be unjustly applied, because it is the foundation (which we must not deviate). If the Constitution is eliminated, injustice is all that is left to experience. Those that disagree are deceived to believe otherwise.

There are many black Americans who disagree with BLM's ideology and see the BLM movement as misrepresenting the black community that directs people down a path of victimhood that can never be satisfied. Many agree that this toxic message is more oppressive than anything, setting people back instead of moving them forward.

In the end, there is nothing to redefine, reconcile, or to demand retribution for. Those that live in America are owed nothing. The price has already been paid. Anyone that attempts to undermine American ideologies with Marxist-Communist ideologies are clearly seeking to divide, destroy, and conquer. Those that don't like America are welcome to leave to go live in a Communist country.

Supremacy in any form is unacceptable. We will stop at nothing until all men and women can receive genuine justice and their civil liberties are equally applied and protected. As Americans, we must love each other and celebrate the diversity of America. A house divided cannot stand. Allowing the dividing of Americans based on their skin color is atrocious. At this point, it's all in the hands of We the People. We can either stick our heads in the sand and lose our country, or fight for each other in unity. Otherwise America is being hijacked right out from under the American people at this very moment. What can we do? We need patriots to run for our school boards so that we can elect strong American leaders that will preserve this great country.

Fellows & Editors

December 16, 2021 Copyright

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1. Will Cain, journalist

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