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Where do Elected Officials Stand on Obscene Materials in Wicomico County Public Schools?

The newly elected Wicomico County Board of Education recently surrendered their authority and approved a policy to allow for obscene materials to be brought into the school in section III. C. of their policy. To discover the position of elected officials outside of the Wicomico County Board of Education, the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition reached out to each elected official that represents Wicomico County. The message to them contained all of the evidence of the obscene materials used in Wicomico County Public Schools. This includes the Wicomico County Council, Executive Office, Delegates, Senators, and Congressman. All of them were asked if they would write a letter to the WCBOE denouncing the use of obscene materials and ask for the removal from our schools. The result of their actions are below.


Those that oppose the obscene materials and acted by asking the WCBOE for the removal:

Councilman Joe Holloway - response

Senator Johnny Mautz - response

Delegate Wayne Hartman - response


Those that claim to oppose the obscene materials, but makes excuses for the school, makes excuses for the obscene materials, and hides behind an invalid process to protect the materials:

Executive Julie Giordano - response


Refused to write a letter, denied the existence of obscene materials, contacted the Director of the DPTC and threatened to "Fix" him should his response be reported on social media:

Councilman Jeff Merritt


Those that would not state their position and remain silent:

Councilman Shane Baker

Councilman John Cannon

Councilman Josh Hastings

Councilwoman Shanie Shields

Councilman James Winn

Senator Marybeth Carozza

Delegate Chris Adams

Delegate Thomas Huchinson

Delegate Carl Anderton

Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes

Congressman Andy Harris


The sexual exploitation of children is a serious matter, and silence is consent.

Fellows & Editors

June 13, 2023 - Copyright

Take a stand and sign our petition to let our elected officials know that this is unacceptable.

Please consider joining the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition and follow us on FaceBook to stay informed of what's really happening with education in our schools.

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