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Wicomico Schools Continue to Promote Sex Changes & Puberty Blockers to Children

Available to Wicomico middle schoolers and children as young as age 11, Lily and Dunkin is a book about a young teenage boy who begins to transition into a girl with the aid of hormone blockers, while her new neighbor stops taking his mood stabilizers and ends up institutionalized. This book contains alternate sexualities, alternate gender ideologies, profanity, derogatory terms, and commentary on suicide. Watch this 1-minute video below with a testimony of the book.

Excerpts from "Lily and Dunkin" with page references of the suggestive content.

In this past article, we exposed Wicomico County Public Schools promoting sex changes to Kindergarten to second grade children. You can contact the board members below and let them know what you think of them continuing to sexually groom children in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion absent from their parents. This past article proves that they are doing it under your nose, and the superintendent and board chair carelessly admit it.

To contact them individually by phone:

WCBOE Board Members 

Gene Malone, Chair (District 2) - (443) 783-5530  

Allen Brown, Vice Chair (District 1) - (410) 742-9668  

Kristin Hazel (At Large) - (443) 366-4344

Bonnie Ennis (At Large)- (443) 783-1617  

Susan Beauchamp (District 3) - (443) 235-2569  

David Plotts (District 4) - (443) 880-0502

John Palmer (District 5) - (410) 896-3670

Fellows & Editors

April 19, 2024 

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