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Worcester Teachers' Union Colludes with Local Newspaper to Manipulate the Public

One thing we have known for years is that the teachers' union and school administration have certain local media outlets in their back pocket for manipulating news in order to drive their political agenda. Below we have proof collusion between the Worcester County Teachers' Association (union) and a local newspaper to "put pressure on the Commissioners" through an organized PR campaign that drives a false narrative that the county is now funding less than 80% of the school budget, and that teachers are suffering due to a reduction in county-appropriated resources they once had. Since this "reduction," Worcester County Public Schools are no longer on top.

To make matters worse, the President of the Worcester County Teachers Association used the county email system to politically-solicit every teacher in the district with this misinformation campaign. This is an unethical abuse of the county's communication system and a violation of the WCPS Acceptable Use of Telecommunications II-C-06WCPS Policy and its Procedure. Communications systems, including email are limited to the instruction of students and not for commercial or social media use.

The state mandated a historic increase under the Maryland Blueprint that increases every year. As a result, the county's appropriation under the district's Maintenance of Effort increases without intervention. The fact is, Worcester County is contributing more today than yesterday. When it comes to the teachers' union, no amount is ever enough, nor will it ever be.

As far as colluded efforts of interference, diversion, and suppression, what should otherwise be headline news is often buried or non-existent. For example, the sexual assault scandal involving the superintendent, you'll find buried on page 22.

Working with local news media to politically drive a false narrative is nothing new under the sun. But at least after reading this, the public knows not to be manipulated.

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March 10, 2024 

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