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Worcester School Officials Jeopardize School Safety By Negligently Fostering Lawlessness & Anarchy

Back in 2021, the Worcester County Board of Education was addressed on numerous occasions, including multiple public comments regarding the Marxist fists found on wall of Pocomoke High School. The mural displays racial hierarchy ordered by shade of skin color from dark to light, first symbolizing the establishment of black supremacy. This report was put out by an organization back in 2021 that explains the background behind the clenched fist, and how it has evolved under militant groups such as the new Black Panther Party and BLM. If you have not read the report, we encourage you to read it for a complete understanding.

In response, the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition organized a meeting with diverse members of the community, along with Lou Taylor, Superintendent of Worcester County Public Schools and Annette Wallace, Chief Safety & Academic Officer to discuss the division and threatening message the display sends to the community. Taylor and Wallace refused to acknowledge the concerns and testimonies of citizens, while dismissively declaring diversity, equity, and inclusion under the guise of artwork.

Nothing was ever done by the BOE or its administration to address this. Warnings of the long term consequences and evolving symptoms that threaten school safety were relayed by the DPTC to county officials, including the BOE, administration, Commissioners, Sheriff, and the State's Attorney.

Fast forward to today:

"Nothing to see here folks. We have a don't ask, don't tell policy. Move along."

Does the BOE really remain committed to the safety and security of students and staff?

Their unwillingness to fully cooperate with law officials speaks volumes, at a time where our schools can't be safe enough. Superintendent Taylor can be seen in this report rebuking and yelling at law enforcement officials, whose sworn duty is to keep citizens safe.

For the exception of board member Katie Addis (District 6), the majority of the Worcester County Board of Education is negligently fostering lawlessness and anarchy. They are endangering citizens, while telling law officials to look the other way. They've been doing this for quite a while, as they continue to allow the display of fists at Pocomoke High School.

Here's the Maryland statute that addresses the display of threatening or intimidating symbols:

According to Maryland Criminal Law Title 10, Subtitle 3, Section 10-305.1 states:

A person may not place or inscribe an item or a symbol, including an actual or depicted noose or swastika, whether temporary or permanent, on any real or personal property, public or private, without the express permission of the owner, owner’s agent, or lawful occupant of the property, with the intent to threaten or intimidate any person or group of persons.

The display of a clenched fist is illegal according to the statute. The only exception is that the state oddly permits threats and intimidation by the display of symbols, for as long as you legally own the property. On public property, it would require express permission by the owner or agent of the property. The BOE has intentionally given their express permission to intimidate or threaten its citizens, as the fists remain on taxpayer walls to this day.

Does the Worcester County Board of Education own the school property or the citizens?

According to the tax records, the Worcester County Board of Education holds title to the property and listed as the owner. The elected BOE represents the people, and is therefore granted the custodial responsibility of the property by the people. Therefore, the tax-paying citizens of the county ultimately own the property. The BOE is essentially acting as a property management agent for the people.

What we see happening today is the result of a rogue government. Along with its administration, the direction of the BOE has become a totalitarian form of government. The Worcester County Board of Education and its administration has no right to threaten or intimidate any person or group of persons, and the citizens did not grant them permission to do so using their property. Of the diverse Worcester County citizens we have interviewed across the county, the majority see the symbols as threatening and racist.

The BOE and its administration are acting in opposition of their own policies:

What's the solution?

If the Worcester County Board of Education is genuinely sincere about "remaining committed to the safety and security of students and staff," then we ask that they humbly do their part in good faith by immediately removing the display of fists on the wall of Pocomoke High School and fully cooperating with county officials to make our schools safe.

Todd A. Ferrante, President, District 7 -

William E. Buchanan, Vice President, District 1 -

Donald C. Smack, Sr., District 2 -

Jon M. Andes, Ed.D., District 3 -

William L. Gordy, District 4 -

Elena J. McComas, District 5 -

Katie Addis, District 6 -

Fellows & Editors

March 13, 2024 

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