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Worcester Commissioner President Chip Bertino Expresses Concerns Over School Safety

On March 5, Chip Bertino, President of the Worcester County Commissioners made some direct comments regarding school safety and he hit the nail on the head. There's no room for word semantics when it comes to the safety of children and teachers at school. Bertino pointed out that the difference between a Crime or Referral is irrelevant. No matter what you call it, the fact is that someone was violated. Violating another person is illegal, and we can't have that. Children and teachers need to feel safe at school.

The bottom line is found in one question: Where do we go from here?

It's up to the elected officials to work together to do what's necessary in order to protect the citizens. No more doubling down, lashing out in pride, downplaying the facts, throwing temper tantrums, blaming others, obstructing, or lying. Cooperation between officials must occur.

As a citizen, what can you do? You can contact your officials below to express your concerns or show up at the next school Worcester BOE meeting on March 19 @ 6:00PM.

Fellows & Editors

March 6, 2024 

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