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Wicomico Superintendent Permits The Violation of Policy & Procedure Under Multi-Culturalism

Superintendent Micah Stauffer of Wicomico County Public Schools makes exceptions for principals and students to violate policy and procedure on certain topics, and it's race in this case. The Wicomico County Board of Education allows Stauffer to do it, and they wonder why they cannot get a handle on behavior, discipline, and school safety. As long as there's a superintendent that fosters civil disorder and doesn't enforce policy, schools will continue to decline. The image below is from Wicomico High School.

Here's the Dress Code Policy:

The WCBOE Dress Code Policy states: It is the policy of the Wicomico County Board of Education (WCBOE) to establish a student dress code that supports a positive school climate of respect for self and others, reduce the occurrence of discipline problems, and maintains safety and order in the school so that effective teaching and learning may take place.   To that end, the WCBOE believes that students must dress in attire appropriate to maintain such a positive school climate. Therefore, WCBOE directs the Superintendent of Schools to create procedures to implement this policy. Here's the superintendent's Dress Code Procedure:

Like several of the superintendent's procedures, he has created exceptions to the rule to be determined by principals and allowing a "Multi-Cultural Team" of faculty and students to circumvent policy created by the elected Board. In this case, the the students are permitted to wear hoodies, in violation of section D. of the Dress Code Criteria. In addition, this post from Wicomico High School screams "gang related" with racial color-coding as specified in letter G.

The superintendent is fostering a school climate of racial division and lawlessness under guise of Black History Month as school and community safety continues to decline. "50 shades of Brown" is anything but multi-cultural. None of this has anything to do with Black History Month.

Last year during the month of February, the superintendent permitted the display of BLM fists in Wicomico schools: Wicomico County Public Schools Promote BLM and The Nation of Islam

Contrary to board policy, none of this supports a positive school climate, respect for self and others, or reduces the occurrence of discipline problems or maintains safety and order in the school so that effective teaching and learning may take place. These policies were written to create civil unity and order, not disunity and disorder. As long as the Board of Education continues to allow the undermining and defiance of their policies, Wicomico County Public Schools schools will only get worse for students and teachers.

WCBOE Board Members

Gene Malone - (443) 783-5530 

Allen Brown - (410) 742-9668 

Kristin Hazel - (443) 366-4344  

Bonnie Ennis - (443) 783-1617 

Susan Beauchamp - (443) 235-2569  

David Plotts - (443) 880-0502

John Palmer - (410) 896-3670 

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February 27, 2024 - Copyright 

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