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Wicomico Parents and Teachers Testify of School Violence Before a Dismissive School Board

Wicomico parents and teachers came to the November 14 school board meeting to share their testimony of violent attacks that they and their children have had to endure. And it's not over. The continued trauma and hostile school environment leaves the safety of tomorrow at risk. Superintendent of Wicomico Schools made a statement that these are all "isolated incidents." Parents expressed that these occurrences of violence are not isolated incidents, as they occur several times per month and only getting worse from inaction. Here's what parents and teachers had to say:

The board responded with dismissive excuses, which were rehearsed prior to the meeting in close session. One board member read the planned script on behalf of the board. The board's statement is that they cannot do anything. They cannot discipline students or keep students and faculty safe due to legislation. The board is not even willing to legally challenge the state. They pass the buck to Maryland State legislators, and refer citizens to take it up with them. The board's excuses can be heard here:

What can the school board do?

1. Screen any student transfers and obtain past records before enrollment.

2. Make staff aware of what they need to know to maintain control and safety.

3. Stop race-based double standards in discipline labeled as "Equity" & "Restorative Justice."

4. Stop misclassifying troubled students as "Special Education" to avoid having to discipline.

5. Remove dangerous and disruptive students from school (remain home if necessary).

6. File an injunction against the state due to legislation that's endangering citizens.

7. Organize a state-wide class-action suit with other school boards and sue the state.

Tired of excuses and a state that's not protecting its citizens?

Our public schools are no longer safe, and clear that our elected officials are not going to protect us. If you fear for your child's welfare and desire a better education, we encourage you to really consider removing them from the public school. The Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition has shared these alternative options with the public. Please take the time to explore these options that are presented. Where there's a will there's a way.

Fellows & Editors

November 15, 2023

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