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Approximately 50% of our Wicomico County tax dollars go to the local school system. Year after year, the Wicomico County Council approves funding for the school system. Interestingly enough, these funds appear to have no strings attached without any accountability measures in place. Even if the County Council requests documents from WCBOE, the school system does not have to cooperate or share with the County Council on how any tax dollars are spent or can be justified. However, the the County Council is the gateway to their funds. Does that make any sense? Please read the documents below this post.

We encourage you to contact the Wicomico County Council and ask them to NOT approve any funding for WCBOE without having supporting documents to fully justify the financial request. This may include (and not limited to): financial statement, bids, receipts, purchase order requisitions, vendor forms, etc. Spending is radically out of control, and we as a county must get a grip.

Long-Term Solution

1. We must require from Wicomico County a performance audit of the local school system to investigate all financials and student grades within the school system.

2. We must require the Wicomico County Council to pass new legislation so that the County Council and Executive office can have direct authority over the school system, including any of its county offices. As a result, anything can be requested and questioned without resistance or obstruction from these offices.


Letters to the Wicomico County Council on WCPS Special Funding Request

WCPS Letter to Council on Funding
Download • 78KB

WCPS Funding Follow Up
Download PDF • 174KB

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