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Top Reasons to Exit Public Schools

There are countless reasons for all parents to immediately protect their children from government schools, as quickly as possible. Here are the top reasons:

  1. INDOCTRINATION: The public schools are indoctrinating American children with dangerous propaganda and ideologies, with the goal of turning them against God, Church, Family, Country, Morality, and more. While this problem has gotten worse over the decades, this has been true since the government began taking over education under the leadership of Utopians including Robert Owen, Horace Mann and John Dewey.

  2. DUMBING DOWN: The public schools are dumbing down American children with quack methodology and pedagogy, with the goal of leaving them handicapped when it comes to reading, writing, and reasoning. This sounds like a fantastic claim, but it is well documented in books such as Crimes of the Educators. The federal government's data show that over 2/3 of 8th graders are not even proficient in any core subject.

  3. SEXUALIZING CHILDREN: The public schools are sexualizing American children with radical sex education, including flagrant promotion of homosexuality, fornication, gender confusion, and more. This indoctrination of children has its roots in the pseudo-scientific quackery of Alfred Kinsey, the “sex researcher” responsible for the rape and sexual torture of thousands of children and babies. These abominations should have no place in a school classroom. Some schools have even been caught actively normalizing pedophilia. The risk of sexual abuse in schools is high and getting higher, too.CSE Video.

  4. View this resource: COMPREHENSIVE SEX EDUCATION: 15 HARMFUL EFFECTS ON CHILDREN ALERT: CSE is in some form is now being offered directly in public schools in 35 states and increasingly online. Please watch this short 6 minute video What is Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Get Out Now! What Are "Sexual Rights"? Watch this video.

  5. DATA MINING & PROFILING STUDENTS: Schools are now compiling more data on students than even parents have, creating detailed profiles on each child. These intrusive dossiers include information on children's mental health, attitudes, psychological make up, bio-metric data, academic performance, home life, and much more. The data is also used to help manipulate children's views. The government has no business knowing this information or manipulating children with it!

  6. INMATES OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: Children in private schools and homeschooling do much better than inmates of government “schools” academically and socially, research shows. These alternative environments typically provide a much better education, a safer experience, and less extremism and indoctrination masquerading as schooling.

  7. GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA: The United Nations and in particular the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are increasingly invading public-school classrooms with globalist propaganda. This illegitimate interference in the lives and education of American children is wrong for so many reasons. The dictators club should NOT decide what or how U.S. students learn.

  8. REMOVING PARENTS RIGHTS TO THEIR OWN CHILDREN: Government schools are increasingly infringing on parental rights. This attack on the family unit and fundamental rights has become so extreme that schools are helping underage girls get abortions without parental consent and helping children to get “sex changes” behind their parents' back.

  9. EDUCATION IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF GOVERNMENT: The Bible speaks a great deal about education, and nowhere is there ever any suggestion that this is a proper responsibility of government. Instead, the Bible clearly places the primary responsibility over education on the parents. Scripture is filled with insight on these questions, and many biblical scholars and theologians have argued that it is sinful for parents to hand their children over to godless, anti-Christian government schools for indoctrination.

  10. TEACHING FAKE HISTORY AND PSEUDO-SCIENCE: The government schools are teaching children fake history that is calculated to make them hate their country, their heritage, America's Founding Fathers, and the biblical principles upon which America was founded. They are also teaching pseudo-science calculated to have them reject God and His Word, and to embrace secularism, evolutionary beliefs, and the man-made global-warming hypothesis. Comprehensive reviews of the textbooks and resources being used nationwide in public schools reveal extreme bias and blatant dishonesty that are not acceptable under any circumstances.

  11. RADICAL LABOR UNIONS: Radical labor unions seeking to crush freedom, Christianity, and Americanism such as the National Education Association have an iron grip over the schools and the teaching profession. These groups bully teachers and parents, fund extremist politicians, undermine good education, reward failure, and are radicalizing schools. Just recently, the NEA went into a partnership with extremist homosexual group “Human Rights Campaign,” which is currently leading the war to destroy religious liberty in America. The partnership calls on teachers to embrace gender confusion, ask students what pronouns they prefer, and more.

  12. EPIDEMIC OF VIOLENCE, SUICIDE AND MORE: There is an epidemic of violence, depression, suicide, self-harm, murder, fornication, gangs, and drug use in the schools that is killing our children at alarming rates. Some of the leading contributors to this tragedy are the false and dangerous teachings that saturate public schools today, and the anti-Christian worldview they underpin.

  13. PARENTS HAVE NO CONTROL: Holy Scripture and/or religious tradition assign the education of children to the family with assistance from the Church or religious community, not to government at any level. Many texts and long church tradition support this.

  14. NO DISCIPLESHIP: For Christians the Great Commission commands K-12 Christian education in Matt 28:20. The Church for 2,000 years has based all their education. preaching and teaching programs on this text along with many others. No exceptions. To be successful the Church is self-propagating and carrying out its mission: it must obey the Great Commission.

  15. LACK OF MORALITY: A fresh obedience in K-12 Christian education can be a key to the revival of our children, families, churches and culture. This is God's way to renew and revive His people, build strong children and families, and our culture.

  16. SOCIALIST AGENDA: Free-Market vs. K-12 State sponsored is the best educational and economic model. Public education is socialism in education and everything in society that works well operates on a free-market model. Conservatives and Christians reject socialism in other arenas like medical care, business and should apply the same model to K-12 Education. If the power of the state controls the curriculum, personnel, teacher education, funding and subjects taught, this allows for the emergence of such Marxists as Howard Zinn and his PEOPLES HISTORY OF US to become dominant in history instruction. Evolution as a religious system and fake science is forced on children too.

  17. CREATIVE THINKING LIMITED: Destruction of academic disciplines, liberal arts, sciences is accomplished by K-12 public education and this model does not allow the talented and gifted children to develop fully but drives all down to the lowest common denominator. Coercive power of the state will not allow any internal correction. Creativity is stifled. This makes K-12 education a factory model and under control of industry. Some call this the education/industrial complex.

  18. GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED: Private or free-market and Christian education was the original American model until 1840's under Horace Mann. For over 200 years we had no state-controlled public education. We birthed a free and prosperous nation on back of Private and mostly Christian education.

  19. FORCED VACCINATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Public schools require that all students be vaccinated with dozens of shots, including Gardasil which purports to guard against sexuality transmitted diseases. It is well-documented that vaccines carry the potential irreversible risks that can include permanent paralysis, autism, retardation or death. Many are made with cells from aborted babies. If your child is injured by vaccinations, the pharmaceutical companies lobbied Congress and are now “immune” from prosecution and civil liability. Important medical decisions should be made by parents in consultation with doctors, NOT by government bureaucrats and schools. Please do your own research.

  20. SAFETY OF CHILD AT RISK - There is talk about eliminating School-security policing from campuses proposed by the Teacher's Union. This will be a great threat to an already fragile environment and even more reason to exit the public schools.

  21. BLACK LIVES MATTER CURRICULUM: Marxist indoctrination under the guise of “Black Lives Matter” propaganda has infiltrated government schools across America, even as the founders of the group admit publicly that they are “trained Marxists” and that they are consulting with “ancestor spirits.” This indoctrination in public schools includes teaching children “Critical Race Theory,” “white privilege,” “intersectionality,” and hatred of America, Christianity, the nuclear family, and more. BLM teacher training programs are even teaching teachers to involve children in necromancy and summoning spirits, all of which is strictly forbidden by the Bible. Meanwhile, the 1619 Project, which teaches that everything about America must be viewed through the lens of slavery, is forcing a blatantly fraudulent view of U.S. history that is designed to undermine the nation. This is all beyond unacceptable. Video: What is Critical Race Theory? For additional information please watch this video ”Brainwashed: How Black Lives Matter Hijacked our Schools

  22. SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Maybe you've heard of Social & Emotional Learning, or SEL. But what is SEL and why should you be concerned about it? SEL forms one leg of what POK calls the Triple Threat to children in the public-school education system. Watch this video link for more: What is Social & Emotional Learning, or SEL?


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