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Somerset County Superintendent Sends Termination Threat Letter to Teachers

The Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition received a copy of a termination letter that the superintendent of Somerset County Public School sent to a handful of teachers. The superintendent is departing the district on June 30, 2024, which his decision to resign was made shortly after evidence of financial waste, fraud, and abuse was exposed. The letter below was sent out on May 1, 2024:

Is the Somerset County superintendent trying to sabotage the district on his way out?

Amongst an unprecedented teacher shortage when we need to retain teachers most, the superintendent appears to be literally burning the fields as he walks away. In addition, the waste, fraud, and abuse has been ignored and deflected by a majority of three on the board, which includes the board's Chair. Perhaps if the waste, fraud, and abuse was actually addressed, nobody would lose their job. Ironically, the Maryland Blueprint emphasizes recruitment and retention, offering opportunity for advancement and certification of teachers.

Such conduct is uncalled for, and there's really no good excuse. Is it really necessary to kill morale and carve off prime candidates whose calling and desire is to teach? Such a gift is hard to come by these days.

Fellows & Editors

May 16, 2024 

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