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They are Selling Our Kids: How Your Local School System is Making Money Off Your Child

An anonymous parent writes:

I’ll bet you didn’t ever expect to read that sentence. I never expected to write it . And neither of us expected to hear that regarding our local school systems. Unfortunately, it’s true.

It’s not a new thing. Our children have always been part of the formula that brings systems money. Each child in a system in Maryland gives that system thousands of dollars in state money. Every child in a school system that is on free and/or reduced lunch brings in federal money. Every year, school districts hire people to write state and federal “grants” that target certain student populations and bring millions into the schools. And then, on top of that, the local citizenry pays a certain portion of taxes each year to support schools, whether their children are in those schools or not. In Maryland, the state employs a “maintenance of equity” law that requires counties to fund their schools at a certain level, regardless of the actual needs of the system. ( Remember that “equity” is a Critical Race Theory buzzword.)

It’s like a parent sending a kid off to college and being required by law to send that child $1,000 a month to spend on whatever that child wants whether the child needs it or not or if the parent can afford it. Counties can’t demand ways to cut costs and the schools see no need to. Your college student can spend all the money he/she wants on beer and parties! And then ask for more each year!

The thing about school systems is that they are like Democrat run cities, they NEVER have enough money, no matter how high the taxes are or how much money they are given. Teachers never feel like they make an adequate salary, administrators never have enough for materials of instruction, technology, staff, or facilities, and there are never enough high paid middle management positions in the central office. And let’s not forget those wonderful state and federal mandates for certain feel good programs that sound nice and do nothing. They may get some money from the Feds initially, but then the funding goes away leaving the school system addicted to the program. Just like a drug dealer, create the addiction so the customer is always there.

Never, ever, enough. And never, ever a reason to objectively examine the effectiveness of how those funds were spent. Under the “American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund,” the Maryland State Department of Education gets $1.3 billion.

The feeding trough for these funds is huge. Teachers’ Unions are the biggest pigs at the table while playing on both teams at the same time. They help counties get more money by exchanging votes for funds, and then they turn on the counties and demand a bigger piece of the pie which will fund more teachers who will be members and increase their salaries. Increased salaries means increases in union dues, therefore better kickbacks to officers. What a gig, huh? John Gotti would be proud!

And now, the school systems have found the biggest scam of all. Covid. They can make billions of dollars off of Covid with just a flick of the pen and a few concessions.

The letter above was written to school systems in Maryland promising them millions in funds if they would apply. Notice the last sentence in the FIRST paragraph: ” Funds are provided to State educational agencies and school districts to help SAFELY reopen and sustain the SAFE operation of schools and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation’s students.” (emphasis added) Don’t for a minute think that these applications weren’t required to include mask mandates, ongoing Covid testing, and even vaccines to be approved. It’s the big string on the purse. Without those three things, you don’t get the money. An even bigger clue to the requirements was that the letter was received by school systems on July 8 with a due date of July 30. But, suddenly, the deadline changed to August 11. Why? The official explanation was that the systems needed more time to write plans. Or maybe to be TOLD what to write.

I’ve worked on writing grants. If you can’t get them written in 12 days, especially with a full staff of grant writers, you are doing it wrong. Could it be that they had to wait for certain stats to be delivered from the CDC to the local health departments so they could create the need for mask mandates? With the CDC providing the cooked stats, the justification for these measures was developed so that it wouldn’t appear to be arbitrary.

Because of this big “carrot” the plan to open our school system with just a recommendation to wear a mask suddenly became a plan with a mask mandate. First, the local Superintendent made the mandate locally and then the State School Board of Education, seeing that all systems weren’t complying, overstepped their authority and mandated masks in all systems. I’m sure our Superintendent offered a toast to the State Board for giving her something to hide behind. She had parents ( who never were given a chance to communicate their thoughts about this) who were storming the gates of the central office. Crisis averted.

Obviously, a phone call from the U.S. Department of Education to the new Maryland State Superintendent got this whole thing going. It probably sounded like this, ” Hey, hate to tell you Muhammed, but no mandates, no money. Wouldn’t want to see that state of yours lose money.” It’s called extortion. And, just as an added incentive, the DOE also promised to “investigate” all school districts without mask mandates for “civil rights” violations. Mob tactics.

There were plenty of “consiglieres” in this extortion plan. Of course, first and most important is the CDC who supplied the stats to validate the fraud. Did you notice that they went from the vaccinated will be protected, then the vaccinated won’t necessarily be protected, to finally they aren’t protected long enough without a booster? Did you notice that they finally had to admit that many of those being admitted with the new variant were vaccinated? But then they cashed in all the chips with the lie that children were now being infected in droves.

They transmitted their viral info to the state and local health departments who then were able to adequately scare the local school systems.

Except it was the same kind of lie they used for Covid. Two papers published on May 19 in the Journal of Hospital Pediatrics found that pediatric hospitalizations for Covid were overcounted by at least 40%.

But, as usual, they ran with the fear porn.

The next collaborators were the State Departments of Education, Superintendents, Legislatures, and Governors who gladly swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker. After all, we are talking billions here. They puffed up their chests and called on everyone to “protect the children.” Oh, and cash those checks.

In short, these people at every level, whether by accident or design, are prostituting your children in a figurative sense. Do I think the local officials see it that way? Probably not. But, when a Superintendent won’t even consider facts sent their way about the dangers and ineffectiveness of masking children, you realize that they know what they are doing is wrong, but they want that grant money. We have seen email chains that show how positions and votes are changed. And, their well paid lawyers are advising them to do whatever their local and state health departments say or get sued. So, they lie to themselves and to us.

The timing of the decision didn’t allow time for parents to voice their opinions in front of the local school board. We are not a large county, so a last minute meeting before the State School Board decided would have been possible. But, they didn’t want to hear it, even if just to give them a hearing. Again, too much money was at stake.

What’s worse is that they claim to be “for the children” but totally disregard the parents in the process. I wrote earlier this month about a parent of a first grade student who wrote to the Superintendent about the emotional and psychological damage being down to her child with mandated masking. The response from the Superintendent could have been a response to someone asking for an extra chicken nugget for her child at lunch. It was dismissive and unresponsive.

I know the people in the county school system. Many of them are good people. I worked with them. I always thought their motives were about educating our children. I was always told that listening to the parents was crucial. But I guess things, and people, have changed.

As I watch all of this and the implementation of hate based critical race theory infused in everything they do, and I realize that it is all about using our children to get money.

I’m going to get a lot of flack for using the word “prostitution” in the title of this article. Understand, children in our school system are not being sold for sex. I am not accusing anyone of doing anything in that vein. The people making these decisions have good intentions. However, the PROCESS they are trapped in can only be described that way.

By the way, if you think this money is going to serve students, guess again. There are big pockets being lined in green. They are using our children to get money. A lot of money. And good intentions or not, this is wrong.

A side note: The schools have now announced that any child can get free breakfast and lunch. BUT, they want you to fill out an electronic form to get it. Why? After reading this article, you know the answer. They get money for each child who gets free meals AND for every person who fills out the electronic form. They call that “e-rate” money. They were even discussing incentives to give to those who filled it out. What does that sound like? Vaccines anyone? To be sure that will be next up. Dr. Fauci even floated that one the other day as he suggested a “vaccine mandate” for all children, using a vaccine that is not proven safe for kids. Money.

Anyway, this is a picture of the form:

Fellows & Editors

August 30, 2021.

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