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Some Worcester Teachers Adamant That Questions Were Answered To Later Be Proven Wrong

The Worcester County, MD Commissioners were scolded by multiple teachers during the evening Public Comment Hearing on May 7th, 2024. These teachers were adamant that the Commissioners received answers to all questions sent to the school district since the April meeting. Later in the evening, it was confirmed that the questions to all their answers were uploaded by administration during the meeting.

This 2-minute video reveals both the games played by administration and the false narratives driven by a small sect of union teachers who lobby for administration regardless of any negligent, unethical, or potential illegal conduct by the district.

Once again, TRUST but VERIFY. If people are going to blindly speak for the BOE administration as if they know the inner workings of what is being sent back and forth between both entities, they better make sure they are 100% correct in what they are vouching for. Otherwise, it looks as if they are doing the bidding for the administration without having all the facts.

Exactly, what was sent to the Commissioners by administration during the meeting? Turns out it wasn't everything that was asked for.

How embarrassing. Will there be an apology by those who acted before the Commissioners in bad faith?

....To Be Continued.

Fellows & Editors

May 16, 2024 

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