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Homeschool Curriculum Options

  • ABeka Book Publications: Traditional textbooks and teacher support materials written from a Christian worldview, complete curriculum for all grades.

  • Alpha and Omega Publications: Traditional approach, less expensive workbook materials and an interactive computer program written from a Christian worldview, complete curriculum for all grades.

  • Analytical Grammar: offers several grammar programs that teach grammar sequentially and logically, beginning with 4th grade through high school.

  • Answers in Genesis: Christian apologetics, science curriculum from a creationist perspective and all kinds of support materials for all grade levels.

  • Apologia Press: Publisher of easy to use creation-based science curriculum and apologetics materials for all grades, geography and writing materials for lower grades.

  • Bridgeway Academy: Innovative courses include online curriculum and teaching materials.

  • Christian Liberty Press: Offers a wide variety of support materials and textbooks at discount prices.

  • Classical Conversations: Christian classical approach, complete program for all grades.

  • Cornerstone Curriculum

  • Excellence in Writing: Excellent, practical materials for teaching writing and composition, grammar, and spelling.

  • Five In a Row: Literature for lower grades.

  • The Foundation for American Christian Education: K-12 Biblical-Classical Education, the Principle Approach, America’s historic method of Biblical reasoning, places the Truth of God’s Word at the heart of education in every subject.

  • For Such a Time As This: Literature, composition, vocabulary studies, and test prep, from a biblical worldview, for upper grades.

  • Geography Matters

  • Latin in the Christian Trivium

  • Liberty University: K-12 presents Christ in all classes and uses the Bible as the basis for instruction.

  • U-See: Hands-on, manipulative-based math program for all grade levels.

  • Memoria Press: Publishes materials for a classical approach: Latin, Greek, Literature study guides, Classical studies, and Christian studies for grade K-12.

  • Rainbow Resource: Carries over 40,000 quality educational products in all subject areas, for grades PK-12, many at discount prices.

  • Robinson Curriculum: This K-12 home school curriculum was developed by a scientist and his six children and uses a self-teaching approach to learning.

  • Rosetta Stone Language Programs: Foreign language programs on CD for computer.

  • Schoolhouse Teachers: Provides a complete PreK-12 curriculum with essentials and treasures readily available.

  • SonLight: Christ-centered, literature-based, living books approach, complete program for all grades.

  • Simply Charlotte Mason: Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Great Science Adventures, and other supplemental materials.

  • Tapestry of Grace: Classical education, using a guided unit study approach, with the history of the world as the core organizational theme, for grades K–12.

  • Teaching Textbooks: Excellent conversational-style math textbooks on CD-Rom geared specifically for home schoolers, for grades 3 through high school.

  • The Mystery of History

  • Veritas Press: Classical materials, complete program for all grades.

  • Camp Constitution: Sam Blumenfeld’s archive of Alpha Phonics, including audio and video lessons on cursive and basic arithmetic.

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