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HB456 Submitted to Allow Student Members to Have Voting Power On School Boards

Maryland House Bill 456 was submitted by delegates to give participation and voting rights to student-representatives and to classify them as board members across the state. Currently, student-members act as representatives of their high school and provide updates on the state of their school at board meetings in a majority of the counties. This bill seeks to undermine elected school boards by granting voting rights to student-members on executive, legislative, and budgetary actions in a school district.

A supplemental bill (HB373) was also submitted to lower the voting age to 16 in primary and general school board elections. HB456 has different conditions for different counties on how student members are to be placed on school boards (by student voting or appointed), but the objective is the same. Between these two radically extreme bills, the agenda of the liberal state is to undermine and control the local school boards by swaying the majority vote using those who are incapable and most easily manipulated.

When you attend a school board meeting, student representatives are honored to be there. However, when they speak they clearly kiss-up to the establishment and their indoctrination is evident. They regurgitate terms like "diverse, equitable, and inclusive" at every meeting, which genuine children don't do. Superintendents, principals, administrators, teachers, outside organizations, the union, colleges, and universities all coach and influence them. Student representatives tow the political line in hopes that they'll get that scholarship or a letter of recommendation to that college they so wish to attend. They will always appease the superintendent. The establishment knows this, and they exploit the vulnerable and feeble-minded.

The complete bill can be found here:

Passage of this bill would be devastating to society. Please contact your representatives and ask them to OPPOSE HB456. To find your representatives, click here: Find My Representatives

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February 10, 2024

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