Urgent Announcement

The State Board of Education and the Maryland General Assembly has made a decision to violate your civil rights and liberties as it relates to a school mask mandate, which they don't have the legal authority and is illegal. The actions violated COMAR 13.a.01.05.06.a, as well as both the Maryland and U.S. Constitution. They want to interfere with local control so that you no longer have the ability to petition your local government. State legislators are attempting to remove due process by circumventing local authorities and violating your civil liberties under the guise of "an emergency." Terminology does not create an excuse to violate the law.


Regardless of your views on masking, you have the right to choose what's best for your child. The Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition supports parent choice with all things considered. This is not really about safety, but control. We encourage you to stand for your rights and civil liberties by signing this petition:

About Us

The Parent Teacher Coalition of Delmarva is located in Salisbury, Maryland and made up of parents and teachers who have the common goal of setting high curriculum standards for all students on the Eastern Shore, by recognizing the gifts, talents and full potential of each and every child.  This means that we must invest in our children's education in order to make it the best that they can be.  We believe that this starts in the home with love, nurturing, and encouragement to set the high standard.  We also believe that the school system at both the Maryland State and local level have a lot of work to do. They have an obligation to listen to the people, to be fully transparent, and to provide greater educational options for parents and students within the community. We stand together to hold them accountable. For those who send their child to private school or homeschool their child, we also stand by your side to make sure that regulation does not interfere with the quality, any specials needs, right of choice, and your religious liberties when it comes to the education of your child. The Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition operates as an independent organization, and not affiliated with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

​We want to make sure that both the county school systems and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) are not politically influenced to the point where education veers off so far, that people are no longer valued or seen as equal. We need to make sure that the use of propaganda, identity politics, and extreme socialism are not integrated throughout the Maryland State curriculum and passed down to the local level. The school system claims that they are attempting to fix social issues, but their approach can actually make matters worse by creating discrimination, inequality, inequity, division, and double standards among all citizens as their efforts place people in classed categories. DPTC looks to its own solution called "School System Neutrality" where everyone is treated equal, receiving the same attention, and greater opportunities are made available to all. Every student's greatest potential must be realized, and fueled.   -Read More-

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