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Worcester Superintendent Admits There Are Safety Issues He Cannot Address

Lou Taylor, Superintendent of Worcester County Public Schools admits there are school safety issues, but he and his administration don't have time to address (since people keep asking questions). In the video clip below, he states just that, while blaming others as to why they can't keep children safe. If school officials are struggling with safety, wouldn't it make sense to cooperate with law officials who can help to provide a solution?

"My leadership team has done nothing to help our schools. If there are safety issues, I can certainly understand, because we are not in the schools to work with our leaders to help our folks like we should."

March 19, 2024 board meeting.

So what does this all mean? Our children and staff are knowingly vulnerable, but a finger pointing game is being played. No matter the reason, there's never a good enough reason to continue like this when danger lurks around the corner. It's not about if, but when.

Is Taylor ready, or will the next assault be at the expense of another victim? As time passes, jeopardized safety continues as a result of willful negligence. School officials are now on the cusp of gross negligence.

As it stands today, Taylor doesn't have time for the State's Attorney and refuses to include her office in future discussions or meetings on school safety. Inclusion is never to be selective, and discrimination is never to be practiced. We pray that Taylor and the board do the right thing to fully cooperate with the Sheriff's Office and the State's Attorney moving forward.

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March 23, 2024 

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