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Worcester County BOE Asked to Remove The Health Framework They Ironically Adopted Yet Opposed

At the Worcester County Board of Education meeting held on April 19, 2023, a comment was made at the meeting that puts the BOE in a dilemma of hypocrisy. At the past couple of meetings, the BOE discussed and voted on sending a letter of opposition to the state legislators regarding a couple of legislative bills (HB119/SB199) which forces the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework upon local school districts. The state has no authority over curriculum and materials of instruction as do the local elected school boards, so these bills were a state government overreach. The Worcester County Board of Education made the right move to push back. HB119 passed in the Maryland House, but SB199 did not pass in the Senate. As a result, the bill failed. That is a good thing, but far from over. Ironically, the board adopted the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework for Worcester County Public Schools prior to their opposition of the bills that would force to withhold up to 20% of their state funding if they don't use the framework. Watch the video below.

What's in the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework?

If you have not read the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework, we encourage you to do so here and start on page 28. You'll see that the framework has sexual gender identity indoctrination starting in pre-K, attempts to normalize same-sex relationships, and teaches your child about oral, vaginal, and anal sex in grade 7.

Can the State of Maryland require the school district to use the health framework?

The state tries, but really can't. A school is mandated to align with the standards as specified in COMAR 13A.04.18.01 Comprehensive Health Education Instructional Programs for Grades Prekindergarten—12.

Then there's the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework that deceptively presents itself as standards, but is not. The framework also encroaches on curriculum, which COMAR illegally attempts to do as well.

Maryland COMAR 13A.04.18.01 does not specify that all students are required to learn about sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression (and any associated acts). However, COMAR 13A.04.18.01 specifies that a school is to make instruction available. Therefore, a school is mandated to accommodate (but not required) to teach a heterosexual about homosexuality, vice-versa, suggest, inform, or require all students to pander, pretend, or affirm genders, delusional identities, or any associated acts for which the state attempts to normalize and assimilate (which is indoctrination).

The state cannot mandate or force curriculum over a local school district, and they know it. That's why the state bribes and extorts school boards to advance their political agenda. The board does not want to lose the money, so they are enticed to always comply. The board attorney will also give the board bad legal advice to steer them into the wishes of the liberal state, because the attorney is placed and controlled by the union.

What is the worst thing that could happen if the board refuses to teach the health standards?

This is the school's budget for 2024. Page 7 reveals that the county pays for approximately 80% of the school budget. The state only provides just short of 26 million dollars. If the state wanted to withhold 20% of state funding, that would be about 5 million dollars. The people of the county need to decide if 5 million dollars to sexually exploit and groom minor children is worth the price tag.

What are we asking the Worcester County Board of Education to do?

We are asking the Worcester County Board of Education to unadopt the Maryland Comprehensive Health Education Framework and tell the State of Maryland to pound sand. They should be using their attorney to sue the state for their overreach if the state tries to bully and interfere with education in Worcester County. The line has been crossed. Our elected officials have an obligation to protect children - not let the state enter Worcester County to politically and sexually exploit them.

What can you do to protect your child?

The state says that parents can "opt-out" their child from receiving sex education at school, but we have reports that the district is ignoring the opt-outs and teaching it anyway, sometimes in subtle forms to stay under the radar. The school is also pulling an obstructive and manipulative stunt by requiring parents to file an opt-out every single school year in hopes that a parent will forget to refile their opt-out. The school system should accept the request one time and only one time. You can download our opt-out form here. If they say that they don't accept this form, that's a lie. For as long as a parent/guardian notifies a school district in writing to opt-out their child, how you write that message does not matter. They have to accept it, and it is legally binding.

How do I contact my elected board members to redress my grievances?;;;;;;

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April 19, 2023 - Copyright

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