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Wicomico School Board Race: Democrats Exposed

Never before have we seen such a candidate turnout for Wicomico County's school board race. Trying to find people willing to run in the past has been a needle in a haystack. Nobody wanted the job until a very vocal and bold conservative registered to run At-Large on October 15th, 2021. All of the sudden, 7 seats had 23 candidates leading up to the very last day to register for candidacy. Why is that?

During the pandemic, the alarm was sounded in Wicomico over the past 3 years through a local conservative group called the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition (, who published several investigative reports on what goes on behind the scenes in the Wicomico County Public School system – from discriminatory systemic abuse of citizens to political indoctrination and sexually-explicit materials used throughout the school system. Some people did not believe some of the reports that were published, and then the pandemic hit. Parents were overhearing what was taught in the classroom while their child attended virtual learning through Zoom. Then, it all started to register with parents.

Our current school board consists of Progressive Democrats and RINO Republicans that tow the liberal line. They have failed our children under the progressive teaching of Common Core paired with their woke agenda. Excuses were always made when board members were asked why they would fail to enforce existing policies and allow such things in our schools on their watch. “I’m just one person” or “the state mandates that, we have no control over that.”

If they can’t do anything, then why do we even have an elected board? Why are they all running for re-election? The answer is, to maintain the status quo. The Democrats and the teacher’s unions rather lose a presidential election than their grip on our schools. The current board is under the control of all but their own, and they clearly aren't working for the citizens.

The liberal state of Maryland classifies school board seats as non-partisan. Just so people are aware, it is a criterion to run (regardless of political affiliation), not an ambiguous mask to hide one’s political party. Let's face it, every seat is partisan. The citizens don’t have to wonder, as the Progressive Democrats and the teacher’s union have already identified their candidates:

Little do these candidates know, that accepting the teacher's union endorsement is the kiss of political death. Everyone knows the story of Snow White and the poisonous apple. Taking a bite, they proudly boast the apple logo endorsement by the very union that worked to keep our schools closed, our children masked, and push forth an indoctrinating political agenda in the classroom that goes way beyond their scope of collective bargaining - political activism.

This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans, but Progressive Marxist Socialism vs. The Republic of the United States of America. This upcoming Gubernatorial Primary Election on July, 19, 2022 is very serious. It is even more important than the General Election in November. This is the part when multiple candidates will be narrowed down. Despite the years of misinformation that Independents or Unaffiliated can't vote in the Gubernatorial Primary Election, they certainly can vote for the school board race.

With a saturation of 23 candidates for 7 seats (two At-Large and five district seats), we need everyone to turnout and vote. Vet the candidates, and ask them the tough questions. The entire future is in the hands of the citizens, and it all hinges on education. Each voter gets to elect a total of three school board candidates: (2) At-Large and (1) in their district.

Candidate listing to see who's running and their contact information: Click Here

Don't know where to vote? Look up your poling place: Click Here

Mark your calendar!

Fellows & Editors

May 31, 2022 Copyright

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