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Wicomico County Public Schools: Was All Boys Aren't Blue Removed or Not?

On March 8, 2022, the Superintendent of Wicomico County Public Schools responds to All Boys Aren't Blue, a book that was presented before the Wicomico County Board of Education in this article before the schoolboard. In this meeting, Hanlin stated:

"We agree with you that the book has no place in our media centers, it was in those two libraries, I myself checked out the books and went so far as to see who checked the books out, because I was concerned. One, since it's been here, one too many. Those books have been pulled."

"Let us know about the books you are concerned about, just complete the process" said Hanlin, dismissing the fact that this book has a publication date of April of 2020 and yet another obscene book that has mysteriously bypassed the screening process of materials that entered the school.

The header at the top of the video was added by the WCBOE acknowledging that All Boys Aren't Blue is inappropriate for anyone under age 18. Watch the two short videos below.

On March 15, 2022 at the Worcester County Board of Education meeting in a land not so far away....

Whose telling the truth? Wicomico or Worcester? As History has proven, school boards, superintendents, and administrators have proven reliable in sowing deception before the people. Instead of our school leaders using responsible adult discretion for minors, "the process" is simply used for school officials to hide behind when it's convenient for them, and to dissolve the concern of parents in the room. Let's just hope that Superintendent Hanlin is telling the truth (just for once), as she slides into retirement on June 30th, 2022 to leave that legacy behind. Was All Boys Aren't Blue permanently removed or not? Maybe the board members know, so maybe you should ask them personally:

WCBOE Board Members

Gene Malone - (443) 783-5530

Donald Fitzgerald - (410) 742-0734

Allen Brown - (410) 742-9668

John Palmer - (410) 896-3670

Tonya Lewis - (410) 430-5265

Michael Murray - (410) 726-3553

Ann Suthowski - (410) 742-8310

Fellows & Editors

March 16, 2022 Copyright

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