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Wicomico County Public Schools Promotes & Facilitates a "Sexual Enrichment" Program

Wicomico County is either violating the Equal Access Act or has received funds for implementing a Gender, Identity, and Sexuality Indoctrination Program.

Under the Equal Access Act, which allows for students to establish an after-school club, it cannot be facilitated, supported, or sponsored by the school system or faculty, and cannot interact with the students under Subchapter VIII 4071 (c) 1-5.

The school system is not just promoting the program, but using the taxpayers' school walls for advertising posters. They are also using the school's communication systems to notify and recruit other teachers to then recruit and encourage student participation. They even arrange for staff to talk with your child about their sexuality.

A big clue that gives away that this may not be an afterschool club, is the word ENRICHMENT. "The Gender & Sexuality Program is meeting on Tuesdays as part of Enrichment." The school system receives funding for all enrichment programs, and teachers get paid for after school enrichment programs beyond their standard work hours. Therefore, these teachers are most likely being paid to implement this program under the guise of a student club. First it started out as a student-initiated club, and now appears that it may have evolved into a sexual enrichment program.

The role of the CDC: Our job is to prevent, detect, and respond to diseases wherever they are so that diseases don't come into the United States. CDC provides domestic and international leadership, as well as laboratory and epidemiology expertise, to respond and work toward eliminating every disease we can.

The CDC is is beyond its governmental scope when it tries to make sexuality a matter of school safety and social acceptance (and associated behaviors) through gender identity indoctrination. The CDC has absolutely no business with anything outside of communicable diseases. Historically, WCPS has used "CDC guidance" as a reason to justify and support their unethical political agendas. Whenever government chimes in, there are always grants available for implementation for those who adopt their ideology, and the schools are always about the money:

In conclusion, no matter club or enrichment program, Wicomico County Public Schools, activist organizations, and big government are all working together to sexually groom our children and it must end.

Fellows & Editors

October 26, 2022 Copyright

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