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Wicomico BOE Votes on Their Board Chairs For 2024

The Wicomico County Board of Education put forward their nominations and they all voted for their choice for Board Chair and Vice Chair for 2024. The roles remain unchanged with establishment incumbents Gene Malone as Chair and Allan Brown as Vice Chair. The role of the Chair sets the agenda of all board meetings, acts as the public spokesperson for the board, and signs documents on the board's behalf. The Chair can accept or reject meeting agenda items, which has been traditionally abused through obstructive and unethical control.

As the political line continues to be towed by our compromised elected officials that act as submissive puppets to the union and their employee-superintendent, our children continue to suffer with unsafe schools, indoctrination, sexual exploitation, subpar reading and math proficiency, oppressive systems of manipulation such as CRT/SEL/DEI, systematic segregation by skin color/group with the establishment of double standards and preference, requiring students to affirm and accept immorality and lawlessness, defrauding Special Education, reducing core subject matter, elimination of merit-based achievement in the name of equity, emotional manipulation, and systematic undermining to separate children from their parents.

Please take two minutes to watch the video below, and carefully observe the faces and demeanor of your elected officials and ask yourself, who are they serving?

Fellows & Editors

January 1, 2024 

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