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What Will You Do Mom and Dad?

As Maryland and other States in the Country Drift Toward More Progressive Programs for Children, Parents Have a Decision to Make

In Maryland, we know what is coming. Much like California, New York, Oregon, Washington and other crazy blue states, parents should be able to foretell the actions that will be taken against their children by the Maryland government in 2023.

The question is, what will they do about it?

As we ended our Gubernatorial election in November and elected one of the most radical leftist governors ever, our citizens need only look at Wes Moore’s campaign rhetoric to see what is coming.

He made no secret of what he plans on doing. Once you get past all the fancy “kumbaya” language about getting along, love for all and yada yada yada, you will see exactly what Wes is going to enact. Here’s a link for those who want to see for themselves: Issues – Wes Moore for Maryland

Because we focus on education here, we will touch briefly on those issues that directly impact what happens to children in this state even outside the public schools. Moore plans to:

  1. Recruit businesses that support LGBTQ and abortion from Conservative states to come to Maryland. He refers to those states as “far right.” So this means he wants to bring “far left” businesses here.

  2. Create a huge network of state supported childcare facilities for parents. This means a child could be in the hands of the state from birth to adulthood. He even uses that as a slogan in his education plan.

  3. Decrease the credentialing requirements for high demand STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) jobs. Credentials that once required four years to complete will reduce demands to two years at free community colleges. (Can’t wait for that Engineer who has had two years of training to design a bridge, can you?)

  4. Free Community College. Enough said. This is already starting with the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future providing free community college dual enrollment for any high school student. This includes tuition, materials, and transportation, all covered by the local district and state. Maybe that sounds great to you, but who will pay the bill? Also, when Community Colleges are funded by the State, they are CONTROLLED by the State.

  5. Focus on helping Black families with special programs and funding. Without going into specifics, the idea here is race based eligibility for help. So, if you are not Black and are poor or underserved, too bad. One of the most racist points in this proposal is that Moore includes specific funding for formerly incarcerated people. This is included in a proposal for Black families. See any problem there? He assumes that Black people have been incarcerated. (Heads up, wherever you see the term “disproportionally” realize that it is a rationale for quotas.)

  6. Promise quotas for Women too. (Except he doesn’t talk about formerly incarcerated folks here. Wonder why?)

  7. Pander to the LGBTQ community. He’s going all in on their issues and for “gender affirming” care, especially to our children in the public schools. This will include graphic sex education for children as young as third grade. All kinds of sexual practices will be presented and promoted to kids. Parents MAY be able to opt out, but this is unclear.

Now, specifically for schools and our children:

He heads his program with the title: “From Cradle to Career”. Interpret that for exactly what it says. There is a great deal in this plan, but I want to focus on some key issues parents need to know:

1. Mr. Moore will fully support the funding of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, which will increase the tax burden for Marylanders by 34% in the next five years. That may seem small year by year but remember that this is calculated without inflation. It could end up being much more in a time when people are financially strapped. And, the Blueprint removes local control of school funding, thus destroying local governance. Teachers’ unions will be in full control since he owes them for their millions of dollars in campaign funds. Contacting your County Council and School Board will no longer have an impact. Blueprint – Maryland State Department of Education (

2. Moore wants to expand Community Schools. This does not mean he wants to increase schools in communities, it means he wants to make schools “one stop shopping”(and one stop control) for a myriad of services they are not intended or equipped to provide (nutrition programs, trauma informed care, dental services, medical services, workforce training for ADULTS, plus many more programs.) Here’s a synopsis of the Community School movement: These Community Schools Aren’t What You Think They Are – Radio Free Oxford

3. When it comes to Social Emotional Learning, Wes is fully on board. If you want a definition of SEL, think mental manipulation of children. It’s the assumption that EVERY child coming into a public school needs mental health “care” and possibly therapy, including drug therapy. It is the door that allows the schools to convince your child that he/she is gender confused and may need surgery or hormone therapy to fix that. SEL, is the “operating system” that allows all other indoctrination programs that promote racial division to work. Here is more on SEL: Destabilizing Children: Are Schools Conducting a “Psy-Op” on Our Kids? – Radio Free Oxford

4. Wes is fully supportive of allowing LGBTQ groups to direct education, especially sex education, in our schools. While claiming to be “inclusive” and against bullying, he will implement policies that allow boys on girls’ sports teams and in girls’ locker rooms. He will also permit sex education programs that are graphic and inappropriate for children as well as allowing our youngest students to be indoctrinated in LGBTQ ideology and vulnerable to dangerous transgender treatments and surgery.

5. On one of the most important issues for parents, mask and vaccine mandates and school lockdowns, Moore has artfully ducked the direct answer to whether or not he will implement any of these drastic measures for Covid or any other infectious disease. Here is what he has actually said: Moore on COVID-19 Resurgence: ‘We Are Going To Follow The Science’ | citybiz

While he won’t come out and say he will do any of the above, remember that “follow the science” has been the mantra of every government entity from local/state to federal since Covid began. It has been the excuse to lockdown schools, to require certain populations to get a vaccine which has since been proven harmful to many, and to discriminate against and isolate some populations. It will be his excuse to require this vaccine for YOUR child to attend a Maryland Public School, even though it has been shown that children are not in danger from Covid, and the vaccine causes heart problems and other grave disabilities in adolescents. Given ALL that information plus more I didn’t put in this blog, what will YOU do if these things come to pass under Wes Moore? Will you keep your kids right where they are, remain silent, and hope for the best?

I would think not.

Understand that I don’t want anyone making decisions on what COULD or MIGHT happen. After all, most of the garbage in Moore’s plans were inserted to influence his voter base to vote for him. It’s a smorgasbord of pie in the sky, crazy leftist ideas that probably are too impractical, expensive and politically dangerous for him to attempt.

However, given the recent history with the Biden Administration, would you have thought ANY of the horrific initiatives he talked about when running would actually be done? Yet, look where we are. He’s done most of them. And Moore will have an overwhelming majority in the legislature.

Parents need to be prepared. Just like when you are staring at a destructive hurricane coming up the coast and possibly destroying your home, you need to be smart and have a plan to make a change with your child and his/her schooling.

Now is the time to start doing your homework. Yes, I know it is hard after a long day at work. I know you are busy trying to hang on during this horrible economy. But this is your children and their future we are talking about.

First, get informed on what is currently happening in schools. Talk to your children, your neighbors, etc. When there are school meetings or parent/teacher conferences, go. Pay attention to what you see and hear there. Look at posters on the wall, announcements in classrooms, reading materials on bookshelves. You may be surprised, and horrified, at what you see.

I hear from people all the time that “this isn’t happening in our schools.” Maybe it isn’t, yet. I promise you it will get to your schools sooner or later. Shouldn’t you know firsthand? Attend school board meetings regularly. If you can’t attend, view the livestream. Yes, they are long and boring. But you learn a lot from listening and watching what goes on. Become acquainted with the Superintendent and members of the Board. Be open to what you hear and use information for research. Don’t assume without knowing.

Research terms and phrases you hear. Don’t rely on the system to define terms for you, find out for yourself. Educators love changing vocabulary to keep people off balance. Sometimes they don’t even know what some of the terms mean! (We will have a blog on some of the terms this week.)

Ask questions.

Have an exit plan. Can you afford private school? Can you find a way to Homeschool? If not, start figuring out how you could do either. Research private schools in your area. Talk to homeschool parents. There are many homeschool parent groups online. You may have to save money to get funding to support private school tuition or to stay home and teach your children.

Also, be part of the solution to the problems if and when they occur. Join a local parent group with values and goals in line with yours. And don’t just join it but become active in it. These groups will help you learn what you need to know and will provide you with a voice to those running the school systems. But they also need your help getting tasks done.

In our county, Moms for Liberty is active advocating for parental rights. They are a non-partisan, nationally recognized group. Visit for more information. It’s not enough to hope it doesn’t happen. You have to be ready if it does. You don’t want to look at your child in ten or twenty years and realize that you could have protected him/her and you didn’t. Welcome to 2023!

Jan Greenhawk, Editor/Writer, Radio Free Oxford

January 3, 2023

© Janet L. Greenhawk and Radio Free Oxford, 2023. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Janet L. Greenhawk and Radio Free Oxford with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Jan Greenhawk can be contacted at

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