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What is Your Child Reading in Public School?

What do you consider objectionable material that should be prohibited in Public Schools? Some parents do not even know what their children are reading, and some just depend on the School System to properly regulate the material through oversight. The decision about what you allow your child to be exposed to is a determination for parents. Parents should always be informed about what their children are reading. If parents do not approve for any reason, then they should be able to opt out and select something that the parents deem appropriate.

"There are individuals and groups who determine that a specific textbook or book contain objectionable or pornographic material." 1 Many States have laws that address this issue. Unfortunately, there are interpretation by law enforcement and the local State Attorney's Office which will give an excuse for not prosecuting violations in court as an illegal act by the School system. The local School Board, and the County Board of Education are somewhat insulated from criminal review and enforcement of these laws.

What should you do as a parent if you determine that your Child is reading inappropriate textbooks, books, or magazines in school? First, contact the Board of Education, and the Superintendent of County Schools in writing with an official complaint. Copy the letter of complaint to each member of the County Council. Send Freedom of Information Act Requests to obtain information on how the State and local Municipalities select and approve material for use in Public Schools. Pay attention to what you child is being taught in each of his or her classes. Stay in constant communications with your child's teachers, and do not be afraid to ask tough questions. If you do not get an adequate answer, then go up the chain of command.

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July 7, 2020 Copyright 2020

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