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Student Arrests During 2022-2023 for Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset

The MSDE recently released student arrest data across all school systems throughout the state. This is just arrest data (not incidents), which are much greater in numbers. There are cases where arrests should have been made, but were not. Wicomico County had the most recorded arrests as compared to other counties in the state. When we see large numbers, it's a positive that some districts appear to be cracking down. The negative is the number of occurrences to prompt why things are so bad. In attempt to alleviate the negative appearance, schools often do things internally to avoid reporting. For the counties that have lower numbers, the data's not all there mainly due to report suppression.

The problem is, nobody is addressing the root cause and being real about it. The school system just asks for more money to address symptoms that never tackle the actual problem. It always comes down to money as they seek more Band-Aids for a gaping wound.

To make matters worse, our school systems are now operating as "Community Schools" to address the "Whole Child." This means that they are now providing food, medical, mental health, among other social services to upbring a child, because mother school knows what's best and she profits from it not only financially, but politically. This is done by alleviating the parent from responsibility through entitlement, which results in dependence on the system. The child is taught by this, and the cycle continues.

Social services thrive on poverty and dependence. Agencies that provide social services always look for more money and more clients, but you'll never see societal improvement. It only worsens. If these social service agencies were effectively doing their job, they would put themselves out of business.

Why did we mention this among school arrest data? Because the school system exacerbates the situation with their approach of what appears and sounds good on the surface, but extremely toxic in reality. Here are the results:

Wicomcio County Public Schools

Worcester County Public Schools

Somerset County Public Schools

As a part of implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the schools, districts are using a racist profiling practice by applying what's called an "Equity Lens," which requires staff to look at a person's physical attributes such as race, color, language, sex, identity, mental condition, emotion, religion, and income when making a judgement call. By looking at students differently and making exceptions for some and not others, this creates partiality and inequity across the population. Dividing citizens into different classes by their physical attributes is not only dangerous, but inhumane.

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) and Restorative (Justice) Practices clearly aren't working, but making matters worse. That's because its premise establishes inequities under the guise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, while assuming and instilling victimhood. This only empowers and supports the behavior of the troubled student.

Our past articles explain this more in-depth:

The system is exploiting our citizens. Unless toxic DEI ideology is removed from the school system (including government), these statistics will only worsen.

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May 30, 2024 

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