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Somerset County Public Schools Violates Laws and Obstructs Due Process Rights of Parents

For far too long the truth has been hidden in plain sight, and now the time has come to expose it. The truth is an uncomfortable subject for many, but it is a subject that must be discussed if progress is ever to be achieved.

My clips of the series of Exposing the Truth are based upon facts, laws, policies, procedures, and correspondence from myself and Somerset County Public Schools.

Corruption is rampant at Somerset County Public Schools. Somerset County Public Schools corruption spans to censorship and denying free speech, subverting state laws, violating policies, procedures, Maryland’s Open Meeting Act, and collusion. Worst of all, they school system is denying the will of the people by keeping the public misinformed.

Exposing the Truth is designed to keep the public informed. In the most recent Somerset County Board of Education meeting dating back to April 18, 2023, my video was both censured and censored. Only part one of two was allowed. I will show the video and the conclusion that was not allowed.

We need God fearing people to stand up or we will lose this current generation of children. Vladimir Lenin stated: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” We can’t let this happen!

We need an army of people to peacefully protest.

Yes, they are after the souls of our children.

My presentation:



Matt Lankford

Somerset County Parent

April 25, 2023


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