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Somerset County BOE Chair Penny Nicholson Announces She's Not Seeking Re-election

Since the Somerset County Board of Education (SCBOE) Chairwoman Penny Nicholson has made a health decision for the citizens of Somerset County, she has sent the message to citizens that it's acceptable for them to also make a health decision for what's best for her and her husband.

The citizens of Somerset have asked the Councilwoman to step down. Since her husband is suffering from Dementia, it's all the more important to step down now so that she can spend quality time and take care of him in his last days that are quickly fading. One cannot make up for the lost time of yesterday. There's honor in stepping down, and there is dishonor in remaining. There are plenty of citizens ready to be appointed to serve in her seat until the next election in 2022. We remain optimistic that the SCBOE will be well taken care of in her absence, as her season has come to an end.

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October 2, 2021 Copyright

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