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Somerset County Board of Education's Attorney Goes Rogue - Part I

It's America’s new revolution. What's at stake? What are we fighting for? The answer is, the souls of our children. Pause a moment and let that sink in! The battle lines are drawn. On one side, there are the radical educational movements that are supported by the teachers unions, and they claim that “parents should have no say in what children are taught." On the other side, there are parents who want greater influence on curriculum for the sake of their children who are being taught. The radical educational movements are CRT, the LGBTQ/sexuality movements, the 1619 Project, the rewriting of history, and the redefining of what is considered "appropriate." Along with this, there are inappropriate and obscene books used in the curriculum and school libraries that explicitly describe sexual encounters, sodomy, pedophilia, extreme profanity, racism, and bigotry. This movement is Marxist and designed to destroy the freedoms that we have.

Many parents have already discovered these radical education movements. The educators that have supported these movements have wasted no time in the implementation of these plans, and went full force with their implementation during the pandemic when they thought we were distracted. Many of these programs are in place and are already in the classrooms. This radical education is pure evil that has no distinction between what is right and wrong. Children are very impressionable and these wrongs become the norm. It desensitizes them.

I have heard some parents say, “take your children out and home school them," or “send them to private school and lower your standard of living!” These are viable solutions for some, but do they solve the problem? Should we run or should we stand firm for what is true? What happens to the rest of the children that are left behind because they are unable to afford these temporary solutions? What happens to the families that are unable to be accommodated? Should we stop fighting for their souls? Will they grow up and will they become the majority? Does retreating only allow these issues to fester into something greater over time? These are practical questions that we need to ask ourselves.

A few quotes from Vladimir Lenin, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Check this one out, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

I have been fighting the Somerset County School system for more than a year. Somerset County is fairly conservative, but these radical educational movements have infiltrated the system. If it is in Somerset County, it is probably in your school system as well. Most parents have a blind trust in the public schools, and this is a big mistake.

I have found inappropriate books and videos that promote racism, police brutality, extreme language, sexual situations, using God’s name in vain, drug use, stealing, and shaming based on a person's skin color. I have challenged these materials that are used in the curriculum to indoctrinate our children. I have exposed the many violations that Somerset County Public School has committed. I have even pointed out the lies and the contradictions that the superintendent, the board attorney, and the chair of the board of education have made.

This last one takes the cake. I had just started my 10-minute PowerPoint presentation to the Board of Education. My presentation expressed my concerns as a parent, concerning the lies and the contradictions of our superintendent. The superintendent really duped the BOE. I also conveyed that SCPS were not following their own policy on curriculum and therefore violated their own policy. This is why they slammed the curriculum changes through! It was during that time that the board attorney left his seat and approached the superintendent and whispered to him. He then approached some of the board members and started whispering something to them during my allotted time to speak. How rude was that? He then walked back to his seat and he interrupted my presentation. He stated “these matters are still on appeal with this board.” I corrected him, as he very well knows, my appeal concerning the curriculum policies was decided by the Maryland State Board of Education in May of 2021. The MSBOE decided with Somerset County and gave me 30 days to appeal to the local Circuit Court, which I did not. I have enclosed these documents below.

He doubled and tripled down claiming the opposite, by stating “no, oh no!” He then stated that I was out of order when truthfully he was the one out of order! When I finally told him that “I am for the truth, why aren’t you sir," he finally shut his mouth!

Just some food for thought: Why did the attorney lose his composure and stop my presentation? Notice that he first approached the superintendent, why? Doesn’t the board attorney represent the board and not the superintendent? Should the board attorney be attacking parents? Was he trying to intimidate me and other parents? Shouldn't the board attorney have the best interest of our students at heart, and not the crooked agendas of the people in power?

To be continued….

Matt Lankford, Parent

October 31, 2021 - Copyright

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