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Pandemic and So-Called Variants Predictable and Proven Using Farr's Law

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Farr's Law, you want to look it up as it applies to any epidemic. Unlike a Scientific Hypothesis or Theory, a Scientific Law is absolute (as in the Law of Gravity and Law of Thermodynamics). A Scientific Law is not subject to change nor can it be. This is not a conspiracy theory.

Herd immunity can be proven mathematically and reliably predicted continually with the included formula: R-(1/R0)*100. You can see the charts below as it relates to the formula using Farr's Law and the associated bell-shaped curve of any epidemic/pandemic that history has repeatedly proven to occur. Study the charts carefully. We have reached the peak of herd immunity back in May of 2020. What we are seeing now is Influenza, but the powers that be are desperate to convince you otherwise, as it gives them power and control over you through fear.

The reported cases identified as a "variant" and their statistics are skewed. Those who are in the hospital with symptoms are over age 60 with one ore more underlying conditions. We are not aware of any reported hospitalized pediatric cases through our local health departments. Call your local health department and ask them for the number of local reported pediatric cases that have been hospitalized. Based on what you find, do our kids really need to be force-masked by officials without personal choice?

Charts and data courtesy of Matthew McBride, MPH, MSHI - Health Care Policy Expert.

You can view Matthew's presentation at the 15 minute mark of this video.

There's no hospital surge:

Hospital bed occupancy is normal from county to county. No surges.

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September 12, 2021. Copyright

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