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Opt-Out of Student Surveys, Screenings, and Family & Human Sexuality

Since school is starting, you'll want to pay close attention here. You know that packet of lovely forms the school has you sign for your child at the beginning of each school year? Don't sign anything until you read this. They are hoping that you are misinformed and blindly sign your rights away. Just so you are aware, you can opt-out your child from participating in data mining surveys, family & human sexuality, screenings, risk behavior surveillance, etc.

It was discovered that Maryland schools conduct surveys intended to politically profile and to gather the beliefs and views of students and their families (they refuse to stop). You can opt-out your child not only as a parent, but also under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA). Proof of their political profiling of students and their families is here.

This data is provided to 3rd party agencies in order to get the data out of their possession (in attempt to elude PPRA), where the data is analyzed and reported to be sold.

Every parent should receive the opt-out form below in the return to school packet mailed to your home. We want you to clearly understand the importance an implication of this:

Unless you want your child to be manipulated and exploited, your family politically profiled, and your personal/private information archived and shared with other agencies, MAKE SURE YOU INITIAL AND RETURN THIS FORM BACK TO THE SCHOOL.

Make a copy for yourself, and confirm receipt of it with your child's school. Failure to return this initialed document gives the school system consent to survey your child and data mine personal and private information about your child and your family members, including their political, religious, and social views.

Some parents are also writing in the following to modify the opt-out verbiage to read like this:

You can download this opt-out form that covers of an array of items that you may find objectionable: Maryland Parent and Student Opt-Out Notice

If administration says that they don't accept the form, they are trying to deceive you. In fact, they are trained to say that. Don't listen to them and insist. They must accept it, for as long as a parent notifies a school system of their request in writing.

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September 1, 2023.

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