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Maryland Superintendent Choudhury Threatens School Boards After Statewide Opposition of HB119/SB199

HB119/SB199 are bills to force local county school boards to implement the Maryland Comprehensive Health Framework, which sexualizes children (PreK-12) through sexual gender identity indoctrination starting on page 28. The framework includes choice and affirmation of identity, sexual orientation, and same sex relationships starting in PreK. It also teaches oral, vaginal, and anal sex to 12-year-olds. It even claims racism in sexual health on page 34.

The state calls it a framework, but so specific that it encroaches on curriculum. The state only has standards. The state has absolutely no say in curriculum, which is entirely up to each local county school board. Because of this, state superintendent Mohammed Choudhury (with the help of liberal legislators) attempted to put the framework into legislation to undermine counties and the authority of the local elected school boards through the use of force.

The legislators received overwhelming statewide opposition on these bills, including from numerous school boards. In this video from a couple of weeks back, you can see Choudhury admitting that he's overriding curriculum and pitches a fit. He says what he would do if the bills did not pass. In retaliation along with the superintendent, Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary who originally submitted HB119 is enthusiastically giddy to amend the bill to carry out a "scheme that punishes" those who oppose. Atterbeary scratched the original content of the bill and proposed a defiant amendment that threatens to defund local school systems by up to 20% if they don't implement the framework. This extreme overreach has never been done before as it relates to curriculum. Watch the video below.

The Maryland State Board of Education who appointed Choudhury should get their act together and fire him. They are ultimately responsible for his deplorable terroristic acts. Along with the legislators that support these bills and amendments, these actions are only found in communist governments.

As far as the county school boards, all of the boards need to band together and refuse to implement the framework. Those who have adopted the framework have a choice to unadopt it. Despite his threats, the state superintendent cannot defund all of the the counties. Would the state superintendent really force a school system to close their doors so that students can't go to school in the name of equity? That's not going to happen. That by definition is domestic terrorism.

As it stands, this is coercion and extortion, and it's a felony in the State of Maryland. The local county school boards need to grow a backbone, unite with the other counties, and use their board attorneys to form a class action lawsuit to sue the state of Maryland in federal court. For the first time, the school boards need to use their attorneys to help the people instead of using them against the people.

If you have a child in public school, it is highly recommended that you do all you can to find an alternative education even if that means a second job or working weekends. The liberal state of Maryland is politically, emotionally, morally, and sexually preying on your child, and that is an absolute fact that we have repeatedly proven.

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March 4, 2023 Copyright

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2 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
14 mar 2023

I honestly feel that each and everyone one of you should be arrested. This is Child Abuse at its finest. How do any of you sleep at night?

The shut down of our Education system wasn't enough? You didn't accomplish your agenda?

This is SICK! You are grooming our children for your evil deeds. I want to say I would pray for you but I don't feel even God would forgive you for this, ever.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
05 mar 2023

This is fucking ridiculous! You should all be ashamed of yourselves trying to bring this into our schools! and punishment for noncompliance? Defunding schools for noncompliance! BIG FUCK YOU!!!!!! You make me fucking sick!!

Me gusta
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