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Maryland School Mask Mandate: If They Require It, They Must Provide It With Safe Change Intervals

As a result of the lack of leadership at the local level as well as political interference from the top, we as parents and teachers needed to put protective measures in place to ensure the safety of both students and faculty. The mandators have a reasonable obligation to supply masks and implement procedures for their requirement of school masking. This requirement is independent of any unreliable CDC, state, or local health department guidance. Below you will find a pamphlet on Parental Guidance on School Masking, which citizens reasonably expect school systems to implement utilizing the COVID-19 relief funds, which they received for this very purpose. These measures are necessary, as the CDC, OSHA, and the health departments have wavered in their advice, and their recommendations lack scientific and reliable validity that actually creates a vulnerable population (everyone).

To protect your child, you can download the Conditional Statement of Masking form here to sign and give to your child's school.

September 5, 2021

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