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How to Opt-Out of Family Life & Human Sexuality in Maryland Public Schools

Here's an exhibit of a handout given to 7th graders from our local county school.

When it comes to talking to your child about sex, the State of Maryland and the public school system are hoping that you're misinformed. They want to deceitfully take away your rights so that they can parent your child on the topic of sex as they see fit. By default, the school system will teach your child about sex in ways you weren't taught back when you were in school. We have shown countless exhibits from various local school systems promoting and distributing sexually-explicit content to minors along with their systematic practice of gender-identity indoctrination that starts in pre-Kindergarten. Their political agenda is clear: to sexualize your child under the guise of health education.

Topics include gender-identity, gender expression, oral, vaginal, anal, masturbation, contraceptives, pornography, hetero/homosexual acts, same-sex relationships, and how systemic oppression and intersectionality creates sexual racism for people of color and other marginalized groups. This starts on page 28 of the downloadable Family Life and Human Sexuality framework that is used in our schools.

You can opt-out your child from participating in Family Life & Human Sexuality.


Save a copy for yourself, and confirm receipt of it with your child's school. Failure to return this initialed document gives the school system consent to teach your child about sex in their way. If administration says that they don't accept the form, they are trying to deceive you. In fact, they are trained to say that. Don't listen to them and insist. They must accept it, for as long as a parent notifies a school system of their request in writing.

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January 18, 2024.

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