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Racism in Wicomico County Public Schools

How do we define race and ethnicity? How do we properly communicate the correct definitions to our children? The dictionary defines racism as: (1) prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. (2) the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another. This needs to be made understandable to our children... that we are all of one blood, all descended from one original ancestor, and therefore no one is inferior or superior.

It is extremely easy to accuse someone of being a "racist.” In fact, it has become a popular term that is often used to attack the character of someone who does not have the same political beliefs or values in order to shut down any discussion, or to establish an upper hand over another person. Racist language and allegations are loosely thrown around in the news media, and social media. We face a critical point in which our children are now exposed to the controversy of race, racism, equality and social justice.

Our politicians, school boards, and administrations are responsible to ensure that “equality and justice for all” is provided to everyone. The laws are equal, and so justice must be equally distributed and upheld among all members of our diverse communities throughout the country. Everyone in America is provided with an opportunity of freedom. Now, we must be careful who we allow to educate or formulate the views and opinions of our children and our youth.

Public and private schools are posting information on their websites with resources about educating your children about race and racism. Pay very close attention to this information, and review the contents and the links that they post. Take responsibility for teaching your children to always be kind, respectful, and to show dignity toward others, especially in their speech. Morality and ethics are subjects that should be upheld in public schools, including civics. Our schools need to educate our youth, so that each person can think on their own without interference. The role of the public school is not to become an indoctrination factory of thoughts and ideas. The role is to educate our children with English, Math, Science, and (unrevised) History.

On the school's website at, they also have a page titled “Talking To Your Child About Racism.” At the bottom of their page, the local school district listed resources that clearly appear to be discriminatory in nature. We need to keep politics out of school. This is a non-partisan issue that should be recognized regardless of one’s personal view or political affiliation.

The following resource links are found at the bottom of their Talking To Your Child About Racism page:

These resources appear to be politically motivated, cast blame on some groups, attempt to shame some groups, show partiality, dismisses the existence of racial bias in other groups, prejudiced, discriminatory, cause division, interfere with parental discretion, and should be taken down as they contradict the WCBOE school policy on discrimination (BOE-GEN-PL-001) and equity policy (INS-SCH-PL-038).

Racism cannot be addressed with racism. As a society, we need to have respectful and meaningful conversations about race without discriminating, establishing prejudices or disparaging others, or it will have an opposite effect of what may be intended. We encourage you to contact the WCBOE board members to file a complaint and let them know your opinion of their racial bias in the school system.

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