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Attention School Boards: A Call to Action

Dear Board of Education Members:

Let me begin this correspondence with the fact that I have immense love and respect for all human beings and especially children. I am also one of the most understanding and forgiving people you will ever meet in this lifetime. I have a vast knowledge base and level of understanding that affords me the ability to see all sides of any situation very quickly. This is due to my understanding of Psychology and how the human mind functions. As well as my vast knowledge of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

I am a truth seeker by nature and I have the ability to identify problems in record time. This is due to the fact that I seek understanding before passing judgment. I also know that to argue or defend for any position is an illusion and waste of valuable time. Arguing or defending by design is a trap that suppress you and keeps you living inside of a problem. You will never find a solution living inside of a problem, because solutions don’t exist inside of the problem. You have to step outside the problem in order to create a solution. In other words to argue or defend creates a loop; therefore it is a distraction to deter and deflect you from ever reaching any truths or solutions.

Based on the fact that I seek understanding before passing judgment, I am able to put myself in your shoes as board members. In fact, I was once part of a board of a large organization where I held every position, until I was to be installed as President. I can honestly say that I had no clue how things really operated until I reached the President Elect position, and boy was that a real eye opener.

This organization was being ran by a management company who created a division between the board and it’s members. I began taking notice of the manipulation tactics that were being used when a member would ask a simple question that required a simple answer. They made things very difficult and never seemed to want to cooperate or compromise or anything. I began seeing how we were being manipulated at dinner meetings the night before every board meeting. This was their clever tactic to manipulate control our perceptions in order for us to justify how we were told to vote the next day. As previously stated, I had been on the board for many years, but never experienced this aspect because I just started attending these dinner meetings that particular year.

I began paying very close attention to these tactics and started recalling many instances of receiving phone calls before meetings. I was being briefed on what was going to be discussed and what to say, just like a movie script. I also began recalling the countless board members that requested me to ask specific questions at meetings.

Members began coming to me with issues and I sincerely made every attempt to bridge the gap between the management company, the board and our members. It became obvious I was beating my head against the wall and I was not going to get anywhere. I began praying daily on it as I studied the behaviors of the management company. I noticed everything was centered around their need to control everything including what I considered to be the pointless and mundane. I started asking myself why on earth would they feel the need to control every question, answer, behavior and aspect of the members, staff and board.

This is when the light bulb went off and my mind began recalling all the instances where I had been manipulated. This lead to me innately sifting and sorting through past board meeting minutes, tax returns and audits. Needless to say I found a needle in the haystack. I immediately reached out to our State Board who I could tell wanted to tell me something, but was unable to speak on the subject. She was kind enough to give me the number of someone who was willing to speak with me. I called this woman and told her what I found and she literally dropped the phone. Her board had severed their partnership with this management company after battling it out in court for the same reason. She couldn’t believe that I figured it out in such a short timespan because it had taken them years.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because this is an example of how quickly you can find a solution when you identify and understand the root cause of any problem. This is also why I have been taking my time to show you exactly what is happening in the United States and around the world. When you seek understanding vs judgment and attack the answer is always sure to follow. Why is this? It’s physics and the laws of universe, that’s why.

When you study psychology and human behavior it’s the same thing. When a person or organization feels the need to manipulate, control and bribe, it can only ever mean one thing. Controlling behavior is a true testament to obstruction of truth and justice, end of story. Just like 1 + 1 = 2 - the answer never changes, it can only ever be 2 because that is the answer to the question.

Unlike the past we are living in much different times. We’re all being called forward to rise up to the challenge to bring about positive change for our society as a whole. There is no more middle ground here; therefore you will all need to decide which side of history you want to be on. The needles in the haystacks have been identified and none of this is going to magically go away, in fact it’s just getting started.

This is a call to action for you to decide if you want to remain part of the problem or the solution. The days of just showing up and going through the motions are over. Each and everyone of you all are being called to task; therefore unless you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves, with all due respect, you may want to consider resigning. This is exactly what I ended up doing in my situation because I realized the battle was far to great for my at the time. However; I will be forever grateful for that experience and the knowledge and wisdom gained through the struggle.


Jamie Rice

December 2, 2021 Copyright Please consider joining the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition for FREE, and follow us on FaceBook to stay informed of what's really happening with education in our schools.

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