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And Strangers Will Raise Your Children

How the CDC, the State, and Private Corporations Will Take Your Children

My children are grown now. I don’t have grandchildren… yet.

Yet to this day, I remember having to hand my kids over to a babysitter, a pre-school teacher, or even my mother-in-law while I went to work. It was a quick stab in my heart and a feeling that I needed to quit my job, turn around, and make sure I was with them all the time.

No matter who the person was, they couldn’t take care of or protect my child like I could and did. I certainly wouldn’t let anyone make decisions on their behalf.

This was during the early 90’s and at that same we were hearing the quote bantered around the education community that ” It takes a village to raise a child.” This was from an African proverb that means it takes many people to provide a safe, healthy environment for children so they can develop and flourish.

I hated that quote. I hated it even more when Hillary Clinton wrote a book using it as the title. I hated that quote because it made it sound like EVERYONE should have a say in how my children were raised. I hated that quote because it was twisted to mean that others, strangers, had a right to “raise” my child. This meant treating my child as they saw fit, imbuing their values on MY child, bringing my child up with their ideas. Even if some of them had altruistic intentions, they had NO right to do either of those. These were my children who I carried in my body and labored to deliver, who I sat up with late at night to feed, who I sat with when they were sick or afraid. My husband and I discussed their upbringing and made those decisions TOGETHER.

The community and government had no role in their lives beyond compulsory education. Even today when they are both grown, I will still fight to my death to protect them.

Which parent doesn’t feel that way? I’d like to hear from those who don’t.

Now the Progressives in education and government want to take away the right to raise children away from the parents. They want to do this through the public schools where they are promising a wonderful fantasy land of everything anyone could want. Health care, psychological care, healthy food, appropriate exercise, social and emotional learning, and on and on. The only thing they leave out is what they are actually supposed to do, teach skills and content in math, reading, science, history, writing, and the arts. And they don’t tell you about the full control they will exert over your child. It’s a Communist Utopia!

This fantasy land comes with a monetary and social price. It comes with a huge payout to those who are creating and supporting it, Unions, the CDC, United Nations, and World Health Organization along with big corporations like ASCD, Blue Shield, United Way, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, many private hospitals and countless others.

One on the list may surprise many of you. It surprised me. It is ASCD. ASCD used to be the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, this organization was one many of us looked to for ideas on how to teach our students. I was a member! I wrote an article for their magazine!

I didn’t realize that ASCD started out under the National Education Association until they went on their own in 1972, becoming a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 1985. They, like the NEA, moved away from their initial mission to help educate children to being a left leaning organization that opposed school vouchers and supported CRT, gender ideology, one world governance and the social emotional takeover of children. They call it educating “the whole child.”

In 2014, they partnered with HHS and the CDC to create the “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child” (WSCC) model for schools all over the world, including the United States. ASCD has the professional training and teacher indoctrination part of that initiative. HHS and CDC have the health and welfare structure.

“It takes a village” suddenly became “it takes the government” to raise a child.

WSCC sounds great until you realize one thing. Nowhere in the title does it mention parents or the rights of parents. It doesn’t even mention the rights of children to be EDUCATED.

That’s because parents and their rights don’t exist. At least not in a role of authority or decision making. They are just a cog in the machine, and one that can easily be replaced. They are bystanders watching their children grow up.

If you want to see what WSCC looks like, all you need to do is go to the CDC website.

You’ll see everything they have planned there. But, if you want a really good look, go to this link and see the “virtual” school.

Upon arrival, you’ll meet “Principal Paul” who greets you at the door to take you on your wonderful journey inside the WSCC “healthy” school.

You must go to this site to experience it for yourself. Click on each door to see each area. You’ll see a school where everyone eats healthy food picked by the government, exercises in a way dictated by the government, is counseled in an approved manner from the government, gets medical care (keeping medical records on your child) according to government guidelines, has organized SAFE play within government parameters, and learns diversity and inclusion as dictated by the government. Don’t look for anything about academics, you won’t find them. It’s a Stepford School (if you don’t know that reference, look up STEPFORD WIVES. It’s an old movie.) Even the COMMUNITY is idealist and perfect.

You may think that this is just some kind of imaginary school plan that will never be put in place. You’re wrong.

On the CDC website, you will find what they call “Stories on Achievements” which are a list of programs in seventeen states where the CDC has reached its tentacles. Not only that, but you will find classroom materials for teachers to use to teach about the CDC, classroom management, what to teach etc. The CDC has ALL the answers for every problem a teacher may encounter in a classroom. BAM! Body and Mind | Healthy Schools | CDC

As for parents, the CDC clearly defines the role of parents. It’s not in decision making, it’s merely to support what the government schools says. View this presentation:

This is not a new concept. Many states, including Maryland, are already creating “community schools.” Any school in Maryland that has a Title one population of over 40% gets to be a “community school.” The community schools look remarkably like the CDC model of WSCC schools.

What is particularly troubling about both of these models is that they include what are called ” home visits” by either school personnel or CPS workers. These visits may initially start out as just a way to share information on how parents should feed, provide medical or mental health care for their children, but will give public officials a look into the private lives of families. They may not find anything wrong, but never forget that if people resist mandatory orders about how their children are raised, public officials make their reputation on finding those things and acting to “persuade” parents. What happens when parents refuse?

We have already seen parents in several states having their children removed from their homes when parents didn’t support gender reassignment medical procedures:

It won’t be a stretch for them to remove your child because you refuse to comply with dietary “suggestions” or if you allow your child to do something “dangerous” like learn how to shoot a rifle or even play football.

It’s not that far off in the future. In Maryland, parents may not even be allowed to know what is happening with their child or give permission for certain medical procedures if SB 378 is passed.

Senator Cheryl Kagan, Democrat, Montgomery County, is proposing this bill that will allow children 14 years old or, in some cases, younger, to consent to vaccinations without parent approval. The bill shields those who give the child the vaccinations from being sued if there are adverse reactions or the child dies. Oh, and the parents can’t see the child’s records.

Senate Bill 0378f-2DOWNLOAD

California’s laws are similar, but for ages 12 and up.

Here is a video of Colorado’s “confidentiality” laws for kids:

The CDC's WSCC model of schools plans to make "Every School a Community School" and they, "won't tell your parents." Parenthood is being captured by the government. Your rights are eroding. And the goal of Health Equity in this model is hormones and mutilating surgeries. — Kelly S. (@kellyske) February 8, 2023

What is the end game here? History tells us with many examples. Hitler had his Hitler Youth. Stalin had the Komsomol, Young Pioneers, and Little Octobrists. Mao had his Red Guard. Kim Jung Un has the Korean Children’s Union. In order to change a country and oppress the population, the children must be taken first.

How do government take the children from loving parents? Governments start out doing everything for them and their families. First, they sell the idea of a community school with all the new, free services to the PARENTS who gladly take advantage of someone else taking over the care of their child. Parenting can be hard, frustrating work especially when Mom and Dad have to hold jobs during the day. With community schools, parents can work and never have to worry about doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, or any other services critical for their children. Designated strangers at school will take care of them. Why, parents won’t even have to give those snotty kids hugs when they are sick!

I said there were organizations who signed on to this idea. Blue Shield, the United Way, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and various hospitals have joined forces with the CDC, the United Nations and WHO to make this nightmare a reality.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: The foundation is named after Robert Wood Johnson, who took over Johnson and Johnson in 1910. You may recognize Johnson and Johnson, one of the companies that delivered a Covid 19 vaccine in 2020. The vaccine was found to cause blood clots. The foundation is led by Richard E. Besser, M.D. Here’s his short bio:

Before joining the Foundation, Dr. Besser served for eight years as chief health and medical editor for ABC News, and as a leader at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where he worked for 13 years. He served as acting director of the CDC during the initial response to the H1N1 influenza pandemic.

Interesting connections there.

Blue Shield: This is formally known as Blue Shield of California, which tells you what you need to know. They are a medical insurance company, so what better way to increase the bottom line than by creating a money funneling system of community schools with built in health care. Someone has to make money off these federal subsidies!

The United Way: We have seen the signs up for this charity for years. We have one in our community that has been in the same place for years with a big thermometer to show donations. Have you ever looked at who their partners are? There are many. But here are some standouts:

The hospitals that are involved in these schools will be the ones in your local community. They will have a great pipeline to customers via that schools. With hospitals feeling the financial pinch since 2020, they will gladly welcome a new customer base of school children.

Of course, we all know the World Health Organization and their drive to control health care all over the world. Here is a link on their page about circumventing parental controls to give kids medical procedures:

The United Nations through UNICEF has established community schools across the globe where they implement gender ideology, restorative discipline, and state mandated vaccines.

If they can get schools in the United States to implement this model, they will run the table!

I once worked with an educator who predicted that someday, schools would have children from morning to night, feeding them breakfast, lunch and dinner. She even ventured a guess that kids would be housed at school. She seemed excited about the prospect of that happening.

But I wonder. Will parents gladly hand their children over to the government to be raised? Will they give up their parental rights at the altar of their own selfish desires for money or social activity? Will they not feel a pang in their hearts as they hand their precious children over to some stranger to feed them, clothe them, protect them? Will they feel the loss as their children grow up with strangers?

Evangelist Billy Graham said, “The family should be a closely knit group. The home should be a self-contained shelter of security; a kind of school where life’s basic lessons are taught; and a kind of church where God is honored; a place where wholesome recreation and simple pleasures enjoyed.”

And Max Lucado said, ” The highest privilege and purpose as a parent is to lead the child in the way of Christ.”

Let’s hope parents don’t give up that privilege and purpose. If they do our country is lost.

My children are grown and I will still fight for that privilege and purpose and will to my dying day.

Credit to Kelly Schenkoske for many of the sources and some of the ideas for this blog. You can read her articles at

Here is an interview with Kelly done by Tiffany Justice, Founder of Moms for Liberty:

Jan Greenhawk, Editor, Writer, Radio Free Oxford

February 14, 2023

Jan is a retired teacher and a current Chapter Chair for Moms for Liberty, Talbot

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